Is Winter Killing Your Lawn?

A healthy lawn can withstand the effects of winter as long as the soil stays nice and warm. If the soil is affected, then you might be facing a lawn that has met it’s maker – aptly named: Winter Kill. Winter Kill can be caused by winds, ice, snow, crown hydration, desiccation, snow mold, and compacted soil. While, we can’t prevent winds, ice and snow, you can prevent everything else.

Here are some tips on how to keep a healthy lawn come Spring:

  • Up your fertilization schedule at the end of Fall so your soil is nicely hydrated and ready to “hibernate” – an Eden professional contractor can take care of this for you.
  • “De-thatch” your lawn, again – an Eden professional contractor will understand exactly what this means. But for your reference, “thatch” is an organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the grass and soil. This will prevent any mold and fungus from developing as the soil needs proper airflow.
  • Before any snowstorm, ensure that your lawn is completely void of any leaves or debris. It’s never too late to remove leaves or debris – you can even do a quick cleanup mid-winter. Your lawn will thank you.
  • Ensure that your lawn is level and even as this will prevent any water and ice from accumulating and killing off grass. This will show up as patches in the Spring. Be aware of your “problem areas” and take extra care of them.
  • While it’s certainly fun to have snow fights, build snowmen, and snow angels – this activity may be damaging your lawn. Be mindful of problem areas on your lawn and try to avoid these areas in the winter.
  • To avoid any bad surprises when the snow melts, ensure you have a licensed and professional contractor advising you and taking care of your lawn so that your grass has a healthy winter. Do you have any tips that help keep your lawn healthy in the winter?