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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape lighting highlights the most appealing aspects of your garden and yard. The right lighting and fixture can add to the ambience and is also functional for safety purposes. You can use landscape lighting to brighten walkways, garden patio, outdoor meal tables and other garden and lawn features.

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Before you start to work on creating lighting plans, there are some factors you need to consider. Firstly, you should decide which features of your garden or yard you want to highlight at night. For instance, there’s the pool, steps, spa and other key areas you can illuminate, for aesthetic appeal and practical purposes. 

Besides this, you should also consider highlighting architectural features, outdoor rooms and plants. You can even add up-lighting in some areas while you can use silhouetting techniques in others. The purpose of illumination will help to determine the type of lighting fixture you will need.

Landscaping experts, such as Eden, strongly advise you to contact your area’s building and development department. You should know any local codes that may regulate the type of lighting you can install. 

Best Landscape Lighting Ideas

Here are some of the most popular landscape lighting designs for 2022:

1. Patio lighting

Brighten the small space with strings of small bulbs. You can choose to string the lights in neat rows or you can crisscross the strings for a more appealing ambience. 

The intensity of illumination is determined by the kind of bulbs you use and the number of lights you use. If you want a softer glow, then you should install fewer strings of lights. On the other hand, if you prefer the patio to be lit brightly, then you can add more strings of light for better visibility. 

2. Rattan Lanterns

Rattan is quite a popular choice for outdoor lighting and is  excellent for outdoor decor too. These globe-shaped lanterns come in various sizes and provide excellent ambient light. 

Make sure to check the durability of the rattan material before you buy a lantern. Genuine rattan is not suitable for wet climates so resin would be a better option in such a case as it is more durable. 

3. Lighting doors and windows

You can use flexible LED light tubing or string lights to outline windows and doors and brighten your home’s exterior. This landscape lighting design is most suited for backyard nooks. 

It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to light up the exterior of your house by outlining the door on a dark night. These lights can also work as a beacon on dark nights when you are walking back inside from the hot tub or fire pit. 

4. String lights on privacy fence

Why should your privacy fence be dull and drab? You can brighten it by hanging individual string lights. You can randomly drape the lights or create a special design that you like as symmetry is not usually required in this. 

This landscape lighting design works well either if you hang the string lights vertically or horizontally. For energy-efficiency it is recommended to use lights with a dusk-to-dawn timer. 

5. Plant lighting

Potted trees and plants can be effectively lit with a stake light that gives spotlight illumination. Besides giving a focal point the light source also highlights the surrounding foliage. You can choose to use several small solar-powered lights to create a halo of light around the plant. You can also use a single light source to backlight a larger plant. 

6. Tree lighting

Trees are excellent for hanging string lights. This landscape lighting idea can turn shadowy and dark areas of the garden and yard into bright, illuminated spots, ideal for socializing, dining or simple peaceful reflection. 

It is advised to use solar or battery-powered string lights if there is no electrical outlet close by. 

7. Layered lighting

Using a variety of lighting layers outdoors and indoors can add versatility and dimension to the space. You can use string lights for ambience and combine it with an overhead fixture for focused light. 

You can use one or both light sources, depending on the occasion. If you can match the color temperature of the different light fixtures, it works really well.

8. Paper Lanterns

You can hang paper lanterns as an alternative to hanging string lights for ambient illumination. You can use different sized lights to add visual interest, apart from illumination. 

Remember that paper lanterns are not weather-proof so make sure to hang them only before a special occasion and keep them packed and stored safely once the event is over. 

9. Patio Lanterns

Outdoor lighting can also come from the ground. Ground lanterns can be placed wherever you need them, such as around patios, swimming pools or outdoor socializing areas. 

The soft glow from patio lanterns is harmonious with the light fixtures you use to illuminate the covered patio. This gives the pool area a complementary lighting design and provides sufficient practical illumination too. 

10. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces combine illumination and decor in a single package. These are excellent for outdoor lighting, especially on feature walls. 

If you want added illumination instead of a soft background glow, choose cylindrical lights that focus their light beam upwards and downwards. 

11. Path lighting

Path lighting is very important for any backyard, lawn or garden. It is practically a welcome greeting to visitors. It is also an effective safety measure. You should use outdoor lights at regular intervals along walkways to light up the way.

It is strongly recommended to use solar-powered lights for lighting paths since they will not require you to change the battery frequently. Solar-powered lights will also automatically turn on at dusk. 

12. Lantern Pots

Pathway lighting comes in various forms. However, the post-and-lantern option is ideal for most garden and yard aesthetics. The soft glow of these lanterns isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also practical to light up walkways for safe passage after dark. 


There are various landscape lighting designs to choose from. Make sure to buy battery or solar-powered lighting fixtures to cut down your utility bills. Besides this, it is recommended to consult with landscape experts, such as Eden to get a better idea for lighting up your landscape. 

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!