Lawn Decor Tips for Chicago Homeowners

Everyone wants their lawn to look its absolute best. For Chicago homeowners, it’s not just the inside of the house that counts, decorating the outdoor living space with natural elements from water features to flowers, stonework, privacy trees, and shrubs make for a peaceful retreat.

Here, we’ve compiled our favorite lawn decor tips that’ll inspire you to create your little paradise, right there in your yard.

Get Creative With Surfaces

Using hardscapes such as paved patios can add beauty and functionality to your landscape. Walkways, fire pits, pavers, patios, and retaining walls remain popular features in Chicago lawns. Concrete, brick, tile, and stone give you many options to work with while decorating your yard. Choosing diverse colors, textures, and shapes allows you to leave a unique mark on your lawn.

Shaded Area

If you want to make the most of your lawn, decorate it with features that’ll encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Consider creating an outdoor living room or kitchen. Many homeowners in Chicago are taking outdoor furniture to the next level, adding comfy chairs and couches to their yard. A shaded patio will provide shade in the summer and let you enjoy the outdoor space even in the rain.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting

Many Chicago homeowners are using beautiful lights to decorate their lawns. Landscape lighting is another decoration feature that isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s elegant and easy to maintain and doesn’t care about humidity and temperature. There are different lighting options to choose from, consider what’s best for your lawn need while buying.

Lawn water feature

Consider adding water feature if you don’t have one as it’ll improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Chicago homeowners are adapting to using water features to decorate their lawns, therefore ensure you’re not left out in this trend. The most popular choice is always the swimming pool and hot tubs, but you can spruce it up by getting a custom birdbath, a waterfall, or even a fish pond.

Trees and Shrubs

Consider decorating your lawn with beautiful trees and shrubs. It’d be best if you incorporate trees that’ll give you and your family privacy while relaxing on your lawn. Besides adding to your yard’s aesthetic appeal, shrubs also add a beautiful touch to your yard.



Chicago homes are known for their beautiful landscaping and flowers. Incorporating flowers in your yard decoration is something you should seriously consider. A combination of beautiful vibrant flowers like the New England Aster, Mystic Illusion Dahlia, and Wild Quinine will make your yard pop.

A well-decorated yard makes you look forward to spending time with your loved ones at your outdoor living space. You can decide to organize a garden party to show off your newly decorated lawn. Contact Eden Services for advice on how to decorate your yard, or hire an expert to give your yard a beautiful face-lift.

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