Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Lawn Maintenance

You may already outsource your house cleaning, but have you considered also outsourcing your lawn care and general lawn maintenance, as you need it? No need to pay a flat fee for the season, you can decide when you want to book a contractor through Eden to take care of your lawn maintenance as you might want to skip a few weeks or only book when you’re a way on vacation. Here are the top five reasons why you should outsource your lawn maintenance using Eden.


Instead of spending your weekend with the lawn mower and rake, why not spend it lounging on your deck and BBQing? You can instead, get your lawn care done during the week through a licensed and expert professional on Eden. Imagine this: coming home to a freshly manicured yard.

No Contract

You pay only for what you requested, and a contractor will come on site to complete the quote based on yard measurements and work.

Works from Anywhere

You don’t need to be home to book Eden, approve the quote or approve the job

Earn Money

When you refer friends, you can easily refer friends to Eden to download the app, they’ll automatically get $10 in their account to use towards their first job, when they do – you’ll get $10 in your wallet to use towards your next job.

Easy and Convenient 

Once you submit your order, it will be placed in the contractor pool for a local and professional contractor to accept. They will then be in touch with you about when they’ll be able to come by and give a complete quote on your requested service. You can order at anytime from anywhere and don’t even need to be home.

Ready to book Eden to take care of your early Spring clean up? Go ahead and book here.