Lawn Moss Control & Removal Techniques

Lawn Moss Control & Removal Techniques

Mosses have existed for more than 350 million years and are still going strong. Moss looks nice carpeting chilly wooded glades, but it’s not welcome in our lawns. Lawn moss can produce dense mats that compete with grass for water and nutrients, causing the lawn to become uneven and mushy to walk on. These primitive plants thrive in damp, shaded areas and can swiftly take over a lawn that is failing.

Fortunately, there are a few options for dealing with moss on your lawn. Here are some helpful recommendations from Eden’s lawn care professionals.

What is the best way to get rid of grass moss?

The optimum time to remove moss from your lawn is during the spring and summer. This gives your garden time to prepare for and recover from the summer months, when it will be at its most productive.

Moss doesn’t do well in soil with a lot of iron, which is fantastic if your soil has a lot of it. Giving your mossy tenant a dose of iron is a fantastic way to ensure it has a rough stay for those who don’t – which, if you’re reading this, most likely means you.

Iron sulphate is commonly included in lawn moss killers, so a simple spray of any excellent moss killer should offer more than enough iron to give your green foe a hard time. 

Techniques for removing moss that are simple to use

Another effective way to get rid of moss from your lawn is to use a method that any self-respecting homeowner can do. Everyday washing-up liquid is something that every household should have on hand, and it may also be an effective moss-control partner.

It’s suggested that you use 50ml of dishwashing liquid per 4.5 litres of water (for smaller patches, reduce measurements accordingly). Then, using a garden sprayer, thoroughly combine and spray the area, being careful not to drown it. Allow nature to take its course after spraying the moss patch until there is noticeable run-off.

Additionally, moss doesn’t like lime, so adding lime to your sprayer could help you get rid of your unpleasant garden visitor. This reduces the acidity of the soil, making it more conducive to grass growth.

What is the main concern?

The colour of dead or dying moss will soon turn bronze before drying out completely. Because moss has short roots, sweep over the reddish excess and let the healthy grass reclaim its spot until it turns orangey-brown.

However, while the aforementioned treatments may be effective in the short term for moss problems, they may not be long-term solutions to your garden woes. You could simply repeat the preceding methods indefinitely, but there’s no guarantee that this will prevent the moss from reappearing.

If there is an underlying issue that is causing the moss to grow in the first place, it must be addressed in order to avoid it from reappearing again.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Moss?

Lawn moss can be prevented in a variety of methods, from proper mowing technique and scarification to adequate fertilization and adequate water coverage. Why not get in contact with us for some experienced moss treatment guidance for peace of mind?

We at Eden specialize in lawn moss removal and we know how to identify, treat, and eliminate your lawn’s unsightly weeds once and for all. 

Moss on lawns does not have to be an issue. A mossy grass can be transformed into a beautiful green turf to be proud of with a little care and attention.