Lawn Mower Safety

Why Lawn Mowers Are Dangerous

This may seem an infantile question, but it is worth considering. Why is a lawn mower by itself dangerous? The reasons are not complex. In order to cut grass, a lawnmower must have sharp blades. Moreover, the speed of these blades is high, creating a potential risk of deep impact from the blade as well as from any object the lawnmower comes in to contact with.

Before scoffing at the idea of considering implementing lawn mower safety, consider these statistics. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPC) recorded more than274,000 lawn mower-related injuries for 2015. Amore recent study by John Hopkins University found annually that approximately 6,394 people living in the United States sustained a range of injuries — comprising broken bones, burns, and cuts relating to operating a lawn-mower.

Lawn Mower Safety Precautions: Before Using

To reduce if not present the risk of an accident occurring while mowing the lawn, consider adopting the following prior to and during the lawn mower’s operation.

· Read the manual specific to your lawn mower. It provides useful information that can keep you safe from harmful practices

· Examine the lawn mower for any flaws or potential problems. This includes any nicks on the blades, any debris on the cutting deck, or blockages of the exit path. Make sure the guards and any other protective devices are securely in place

· Check the tank; if it is a gas mower is full. If it is an electric one with a cord, make sure there are no frays. If it has a battery, make sure it is fully charged

· If you need to remove/change any component, particularly the blades, make sure the machine is completely out of commission by disconnecting the spark

Lawn Mower Safety: When Operating

Once the machine is ready to operate, be sure to adhere to a goal of “safety first.” With this in mind:

· Stay focused. Do not daydream, text, talk on the phone, or even listen to music while mowing the lawn. This lack of concentration can result in injuries occurring to you, your pets or your children

· Never leave a running lawn mower unattended. Shut it off if not in use

· Wear the proper footwear if you value keeping your toes and feet safe

· Wear safety glasses and ear protection devices to protect your eyes from flying debris and your ears from the harmful effects of the lawn mower’s noise

· If you need to clear the blade or exit path – TURN THE LAWN MOWER OFF!!!

· Clear the path before you mow the grass. Remove any debris that can create issues and possibly injure you or anyone nearby. This includes toys, branches, sprinklers, and rocks

· When going up and down hills, do not pull a lawn mower towards you. If you slip, you are in trouble. If it is a riding lawn mower, pay extra caution, and mow up and down and not side to side. This will decrease the risk of it tipping over on you

One further point. Do not let children ride with you on the mower or use one to mow the lawn.

Lawn Mower Safety

Having a lawn mower is essential if you are in charge of the lawn care and maintenance services of a property. Whether you perform the work yourself or hire a lawn care service using a third-party service such as Edenapp, a lawn mower is a necessity. Battery or combustion-powered, walk-behind, or ride on, it is imperative to remember the dangers these machines pose. Only by understanding the risks can anyone – individual or employees for a landscape or lawn cutting service, be sure to take the right precautions and remain safe.