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Lawn Mowing Price Guide for Chicago Homeowners

September 13th 2020

Everyone loves a freshly mowed lawn, which makes the front yard look its absolute best. Sadly, mowing isn't everyone's favorite chore, and honestly, it can be a lot of work. For a regular nine-to-fiver living in Chicago, work and family responsibilities might not regularly leave you the necessary time needed to mow your lawn. Maybe you're one of those that detest seeing overgrown grasses, which, to be honest, makes the yard appear unkempt. Fortunately, that's why lawn care professionals exist.

Several lawn care services prefer giving in-person estimates rather than advertising set prices due to many factors that can affect the cost of service. This guide will help you understand how much to set aside for lawn mowing service if you decide to hire a professional while considering the factors that'll affect the pricing.

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Lawn Mowing

To maintain a beautiful lawn, endeavor to mow your lawn at least every week. Ensure you don't cut too low because you want to save on time, as this will affect your grass, exposing it to diseases. Also, don't forget to make sure the mower blade is sharp as dull blades will give your grass a jagged edge.

Lawn Mowing Price Guide

The cost of lawn mowing and yard upkeep services in Chicago ranges from $49 to $219 per project, depending on some factors. On average, most Chicago homeowners pay around $132. Where on that price range you land depends on the type of treatment your grass needs, how often you need a trim or mow, and your yard's size. Other additional services that might increase cost include your lawn's landscape, the type of grass you have, and extra services like lawn aeration, leaf blowing, yard maintenance, fertilizer, and weed control.

Grass Cutting Service Price

Mowing Price Per Acre

Some lawn care services give estimates based on the lawn size. If a company charges per square foot, there’s a reduction in the price for each square foot because it’s easier for companies to provide workers and equipment for a single lawn rather than for many smaller ones.

For example, mowing a 5,000-10,000 square feet of lawn in Chicago, excluding other services, can be around $49.87 with an estimated time of 2 hours 30 minutes, while mowing a 20,000 square feet yard with the same estimated time is approximately $68.62.

Mowing Price Per Hours

The average grass cutting service ranges from $30 to $80. Although some companies charge a flat rate for lawn mowing based on the lawn's size, others consider how long the task will take and charge hourly. An example of a typical grass cutting hourly rates in Chicago:

  • One hour = $25-$60
  • Two hours = $50-$120
  • Three hours = $75-$180
  • Four hours = $100-$240
  • Five hours = $125-$300

Contact Eden services to get an affordable quote for all your yard work needs. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the different grass types and how to care for each. Give your lawn the care and attention it deserves by calling us right away.