Living In Ottawa During the Winter

People all across Canada and from around the world come to Ottawa ON, the capital city of Canada. Founded originally as the base camp for the construction of the engineering feat known as the Rideau Canal, in 1826, it has since evolved into a cultural center and a political hotspot. This is the city where many who want to become evolved in political endeavors at the highest level choose to live. Others like the atmosphere and its reputation as a cultural center and its reputation for being a safe city.

Rideau Canal, in 1841

Living in Ottawa in Winter

For those who live in Ottawa during the winter months, they have more on their mind than the opening of the Rideau Canal. While this, the World’s longest skating rink, has its fascination and can be a diverting and healthy pastime, it cannot detract from the truth. Ottawa can receive an extensive amount of snow, removal of which can be challenging.

Clearing the roads of snow and ice is not the problem facing residents. The City handles this matter. City snow plows and skid steers with snow plows or other snow removal equipment, remove the snow from public sidewalks and streets. Road Services removes all snow from in front of the government buildings, including the National Library and ArchivesNational Gallery of Canada, and the National War Museum. It also makes sure the bus stop and the winter cycling system is clear.

The city clears residential sidewalks, although after essential ones e.g. downtown, have had their snow and ice removed. It also supplies “Grit Boxes” in specific areas e.g. “close to steep hills and in areas where there are many pedestrians, seniors and persons using mobility devices,” residents are asked to help out with the application of this grit. However, when it comes to those sidewalks that are adjacent to and abut private properties, residents have specific responsibilities under the city’s Property Maintenance By-law No. 2005-208.

Grit Boxes

Under this ordinance, the city requires residents and property owners to keep the roofs of all their buildings free from snow and/or ice accumulation. The intent is to prevent any accidents from occurring as a result of it falling and striking an individual or somehow impeding pedestrian or vehicular safety. Residents can complain if neighbors do not comply. They can also inform the city if the sidewalk maintenance crew damages their property.

Speeding Up the Process

City snow plows and sidewalk clearing equipment runs according to a set schedule. This is as it should be. However, not everyone can wait for this to occur. Moreover, Ottawa ON, in line with every city in Canada, does not arrange for snow removal from your driveway. In fact, countrywide, snow plows are notorious for covering the mouth of a driveway as soon as you clear it. This can make life difficult in a variety of ways.

If you do not like to or cannot shovel or even use a snow blower to clear your driveway, there are options. While the neighborhood child who clears sidewalks and driveways is almost non-existent, technology has stepped in. By going Apple, Android, and edenapp.com, it is possible to find a third-party service, such as edenapp. It allows you to locate a local professional snow removal service. Let the pros in the business handle your ice or snow-covered walkways, de-ice your driveway and walkways. This helps you get to work on time. It may also free you up to actually enjoy the city’s winter events, like skating on the Rideau Canal.

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