March Madness – 6 Simple Chores To Get You Ready For Spring

March is such a fickle month. From freak flurries to sunny Saturdays, it’s as unpredictable as can be. However, in just a few short weeks the surprise weather conditions will be gone and we can all begin the dreaded spring chore list. It might be sound daunting now, but rest assured, once that warm breeze rolls in, your motivation will go up as fast as the temperature.

Another One Bites The Dust 

A great chore to start with is dusting. Aside from the usual Swiffering and cleaning of surfaces around the house, a deep dust clean after a long winter is essential, especially if you have allergies. Throughout the winter, heating vents can cause a build-up of allergens. Therefore removing vent grates and giving them a good soak can really help your nose and eyes, not to mention help out your air conditioning circulation later on. Additionally, as the warmer weather comes to fruition, we often turn on our ceiling fans, which may have been stagnant all winter. Make sure you give the fan blades a good cleaning before you power them up, spreading dirt and dust to every corner of the room.

Paint The Town 

As winter waves goodbye, it’s a perfect time to touch up or switch up any paint projects around the house. Not only does the milder weather allow you to crack a window for ventilation, but the extended daylight gives you some extra after-work hours to get the job done. And hey, who knows, maybe a new burst of spring colour is just what your living room needs!

Clean Those Closets 

Out with the old, in the with the new! Swapping out closets for seasonal wear is always a big job, but worth the effort. Take a rainy spring Saturday to pack up your heavy coats and sweaters for storage, and while you’re at it, it’s a great time to make a donation pile! If you have any children’s toys or any old, extra winter clothing, put them in a box and take them to your local donation center. Help others while you help yourself.

Line Up Your Linens 

Warmer weather means less heavy blankets on beds, which also means stuffing those monster duvets back in the closet. Spring is an excellent time to tackle a major linen closet clean-out – toss the soiled towels and store the winter comforters to ensure everything is orderly and neat for the busy summer months. No harm in moving those beach towels to a more accessible spot either!

Rainy Day Blues 

With spring, comes the rain. No better time to get ready for those rainy weekends though! Get in tip-top Netflix condition by doing your annual mattress flip on all the beds in your home. Not only does this keep your spine aligned better, it also helps to alleviate allergens which may be hiding in your billowy mattress. Additionally, replacing all the batteries in your household remotes is another quick chore that can have you ready for a relaxing rainy day ahead of time – Now all you need is the popcorn!

Garage Grime 

While it may still be too early to start the yard work, there’s a probably chance that your garage needs some TLC after the winter. A good garage clean-up is a great family actives on an antsy spring afternoon. From power washing the floors, putting away the winter shovels and cleaning out that unwanted junk, there is plenty to organize in preparation for summer – Don’t forget to get the bikes out for a quick tune up while you’re at it!

Cooler days can make spring feel light-years away. But believe it or not, March is out before we even realize it’s in and spring will officially have sprung. Preparing for the warmer season allows you to spend more time with your family, enjoy the outdoors, and, of course, leave the yard work to Eden.

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