Monsoon Landscaping Tips for Ottawa Homeowners

For Ottawa homeowners, it’s that time of the year again when the weather alternates between high winds, heavy downpour, and flash floods. All these can be damaging to the turf, making it challenging to maintain a pristine lawn during this period. We have collected some tips to help you maintain your yard despite the monsoon storms. Read on to learn them and follow these tips to see maximum results.

Monsoon in Ottawa (December)

Monsoon in Ottawa usually begins by December and ends by April. Ottawa monsoon comes with heavy downpours which typically results in flash floods, dust, and high winds. Additionally, Ottawa homeowners experience harsh storms that come with microbursts, causing heavy winds and substantial damage.

Landscaping Tips to Follow

When it comes to landscaping your outdoor space, there are several tips to follow, although some are dependent on the season. If you’re landscaping with grass, you’ll need to engage in regular mowing. However, people with xeriscape landscapes need not worry about this. The following are monsoon landscaping tips to follow for Ottawa homeowners:

Protect Your Plants

To protect your plant and lessen the effect of high wind’s damage on it, consider pruning it. One of the reasons to do this is because thinned out or pruned plants are healthier and stronger, allowing winds to pass through them. This act prevents high winds from ramming into them, causing them to bend, break, or even become uprooted.

Plant Heat-Loving Plants

Consider planting heat-loving plants since the rain, humidity, and heat associated with monsoons can help facilitate the growth of heat-loving plants like cacti, hibiscus, aloes, lantana, and adeniums.

Avoid Frequent Watering

Ensure to help plants become rooted and thrive by watering them every morning. Continue watering regardless of whether there will be rain according to the forecast. However, if there had been heavy rain and the soil around the plant is still very wet, you can skip the watering for that day.

Add Slope to Your Lawn

Consider adding slopes to your lawn by placing stakes on the ground to create a slope line which helps the soil drain properly. 

Implement Stone Landscaping Ideas in Your Garden

Most Ottawa homeowners are opting to swap the grass for interlocking stones, gravel, concrete and even planting beds for their yard. This preference ensures you as the homeowner won’t worry about mowing regularly and also offers a low-maintenance but beautiful landscape.

Eden Landscaping Services in Ottawa

For a busy Ottawa homeowner that desire a pristine lawn at all times, Eden landscaping service is available to cater to all your landscaping needs. We offer various landscaping, lawn care and snow removal services including grass cutting, organic weed control, aeration, interlocking stone, irrigation system installation, artificial grass installation, topdressing, dethatching, amongst others. Contact us today to get a quote.