Most Viewed Landscaping Videos On YouTube

YouTube was created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006. According to statistics, it is the second-most visited website on the net. With a minimum of 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, it is not surprising that it has its fair share of those on landscaping. My mission is to provide you with a list of the most viewed landscaping design videos on Facebook.

Five Most-Watched Landscape Design Videos

To be frank, “most-watched videos” is a category that pits current videos online against those who have been on YouTube for a year or more. Some posted in 2019 may be actually better than those posted in 2005 or vice versa. Nevertheless, the way to make this list is not to average it out but to count the likes. Keeping this in mind, let me present this snapshot of the most-viewed landscape design videos on YouTube.

40 Awesome and CheapPosted by DIY Garden Ideas, this video is purely visual. While it ranks at the top of the ratings, it receives a mixture of comments regarding the “cheap” solutions it offers.

Landscape Design Ideas – Garden Design for Small Gardens: Another completely visual exploration of landscape design ideas for a small garden. As with the previous video, comments vary as to the effectiveness of certain designs. A few more videos from this individual are located at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb_LZQhzF5FgKA7bCtGf-qQ.

10 Outdoor Backyard Makeover Design Ideas: The backyard has always been a topic of interest. For those who want to make it over, this is one of the most popular videos on the topic. The images and advice are helpful. The only negatives consistently raised are about the audio. The voices tend to annoy the viewers. Unfortunately, the other video on landscape design on its creator’s channel also utilizes the exact same technique and voices.

Contemporary Garden Ideas – Landscape Design Picture Gallery: Of all the most-viewed landscape design videos, this is my favorite. It is a beautiful collection of carefully crafted gardens. The before and after photos clearly provide a sense of the designer and the clarity of the style. The poster of Successful Garden Designs, Rachel Mathews, offers other well-crafted videos and designs on their channel. This is an example of a site that successfully promotes its creator and makes viewers want to check out other photos beyond YouTube and find out more information such as those supplied on their website at https://www.successfulgardendesign.com/.

Landscape Design. 75 ideas for inspiration: Another example of a video providing various examples of landscape design to “inspire” users. The music is soothing, and at just over 14 minutes, the number of garden styles is inclusive. More ideas are available on the creator’s channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZth6S6jzPeAf2_czpfddGg.

Most Viewed Landscaping Design Videos on YouTube

Landscape designers continue to have a presence on YouTube. They use this to connect with communities and grow awareness. It can also be a tool for educating the public on aspects of landscaping. Both individuals with an interest in gardens and professional landscaping companies use this form of social media. For those not yet on YouTube, consider the advantages of doing so. For those already posting videos on YouTube but enjoying a low rating, give it time.

If, after time pasts and your videos receive few likes and fewer views, perhaps watching the most viewed landscaping design videos on YouTube will indicate what you need to do. You should also consider talking to a specialist about your landscape company’s approach. They can offer tips on how, if not to go viral, at least make a respectable showing.