Moving to Cambridge: Be Sure You Know About Snow Removal

Cambridge, Ontario, is a city of around 130,000 comprised of three communities – Galt, Preston, and Hespeler – all located in Southwestern Ontario. From the celebration of its Scottish roots Scottish Festival with a in July and summer picnics in Shades Mills Park to ice skating on the outdoor rinks scattered throughout the City. Many move there to live beside the Speed and Grand Rivers that meet. They enjoy the history of the place expressed in its limestone architecture and the remains of the old stone flour, grist and textile mills that represent what was once the Cambridge’s main industry. They are now attractive ruins along the river or have been converted to other uses, including the Cambridge Mill Restaurant. Cambridge also has one other attractive feature. It is more affordable than nearby Guelph, Kitchener, or Waterloo. While in 2019, housing prices continued to rise, they still continued to attract those from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) looking for less expensive housing.

Cambridge in Winter: Snow Removal Responsibilities

When it comes to clearing the snow away from their own property after a snowstorm, residents are on their own. The Public Works Department of the City does have certain responsibilities. These include the sidewalks in the downtown core, as well as certain recognized sections covered under their bylaws. The City also clears city streets and regional roadways.

The Public Works Department does not, however, extend its services to private property, particularly the sidewalks in front of your residential home. Each homeowner is required to comply with the following ordinances:

*Clear all snow from your sidewalks both in front of and along the sides of your property

*Remove all ice from any sidewalks – front and side

*Perform both tasks 36 hours after the snow or freezing rain/ice storm ends

*In the removal of snow, all care must be taken to prevent any damage to the curbs and sidewalks. Moreover, the snow and ice removed must not “obstruct drainage to any catch-basin, obstruct access to any fire hydrant, or obstruct or encumber any highway.”

In Cambridge, it is the responsibility of every property owner or occupant to ensure the sidewalks are safe and clear from ice and/or snow.

Avoiding Fines

If you choose to live in Cambridge, do know the specific ordinances that can affect how you maintain your property. In addition to maintaining certain standards regarding the actual condition of your residence and landscape, it is also important to understand the imperatives regarding snow removal. While just down the road, in Guelph, the City takes responsibility for all snow removal public and residential sidewalks and roadways, this is not the case in Cambridge. Ignoring this reality can result in the City laying fines.

In Cambridge, the amount a resident ends up paying can be high as the City pays a company to do the removal for them. Fines can be as high as $280. To avoid this situation is not difficult. You can purchase an ATV or UTC snow plow or even a skid steer snow plow. Snowblowers and shovels are two other options. However, if snow removal of any type does not appeal to you, or you do not have the time, energy, or physical wherewithal to address it, you do have other options. Consider consulting a third-party service such as Edenapp. This is readily available from a number of online sources, including Apple Store, Android, and edenapp.com. It helps you find a solution to all your snow and ice removal problems without stepping outside into the cold and snow.

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