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Natural Fly Repellents For your Yard

Natural fly repellents are the best ways to keep the flies away from your gardens and lawns. You can make natural fly repellents in your home kitchen that can actually work. In recent years, we have seen people looking out for natural fly repellents for relying more on the organic solution. These are effective and thus can help you keep the flies away from your lawn. 

Using natural fly repellents will help you avoid using expensive and harmful chemicals in your lawn and thus keep the environment safe for your family, particularly the children and pets. In this article, Eden brings out the ways to make natural fly repellents and their use and natural fly repellent ingredients that work. Let us start. 

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How to Make Natural Fly Repellents in your home?

To make natural fly repellents, you must mix one cup of almond water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Now, add to this solution a few drops of dish soap. Once you mix them all, you end up making the natural fly repellent in your home. Now, start spraying over your house to deter the flies. You can add a few drops of essential oils to make it more effective. However, you need to use the oil with caution since it can cause some allergic reactions in your pets. 

Some effective essential oils that you can use include cinnamon, citronella, catnip and Lemongrass. However, if you have pets in your family, you can avoid a few that can prove toxic to the animals. These include cinnamon, Lemongrass, peppermint essential oils and tea tree. These can cause allergic reactions to the dogs and cats in your family. 

The next best natural fly repellent you can make is from isopropyl alcohol and liquid dish soap. Mix half a cup of water with half a cup of isopropyl alcohol. Now, add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap into the spray bottle. Now start spraying over the flies to kill them all. 

What are some effective Natural Fly Repellent Ingredients for your yard?

The following is a list of scientifically proven solutions that you can use to make an excellent natural fly repellent. Let’s check them: 

Oil of lemon eucalyptus 

Commonly known as OLE, it is an effective ingredient for killing flies. As per the known health agency – Centers for Disease Control, all the EPA-compliant products having active ingredients like OLE can repel insects and flies, thus keeping them at bay. Homeowners tend to confuse OLE with a similar name ingredient – lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Make sure you remain clear about it to choose the suitable ingredient for the flies. 


As per the University of Nebraska-Lincoln study, Catnip essential oil is proven out to be the most effective natural flies repeller. It is reported with an average repellency rate of 95% against common flies and 76%  against other insects. If you are growing catnip in your garden, it can easily repel the flies. 

Coconut oil 

As per the study conducted by the  USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in 2018, it proves to be the best repellent against flies and other insects. The reports claim that it is much better than Deet. When the two were tested in the lab, coconut oil proved to be more than 95%, while Deet proved effective with 50%.  


It is both a natural fly repellent and an effective DIY air freshener. If you use it alone or with any other compound, the flies simply disappear as they dislike the smell. However, when using this natural repellent, you need to keep it away from children and pets. It can cause issues like skin irritation and cause digestive problems. 

What are the other ways to reduce flies? 

One of the best ways to repel flies and insects is to keep your lawns neat and clean. Apart from trying natural fly repellents, there are many more methods to keep the flies away from your garden. Make sure your garden is well maintained and free from any kind of trash that attracts flies. The following are some of the other effective ways of repelling the flies: 

  • If you have any composite piles, make sure you keep them away from your house in some corner of your lawn. The piles with fruits attract flies as they love decaying organic matter, so they all love compost piles. Make sure you get rid of the pile immediately.

  • Several plants and herbs have the potential to keep away flies. You can add a few in your garden or keep them in pots. Move the pots in the areas you need to repel the flies. Some of these include mint, Mexican marigolds, basil, lavender, rosemary, pitcher plant, and yarrow.

  • Check your garden where you find water getting collected as these can be the cause of attracting flies and mosquitoes. Drain the water and clean it to avoid those pesky flies coming to these areas.

  • Clean and maintain the trash cans to ensure the flies don’t hover there. 

These simple steps can keep away flies and other insects from your lawn. 

Are Plant-Based Products Better?

Even if you find the plant-based ingredients show some promising results, it does not assure you that their products are suitable for your children and pets. As per experts, some natural repellents are good options to repel flies and insects as they have no side effects. However, not all natural repellents are safe to use as they have fatal side effects. Thus equating them all for safety is not a good idea. 

Similarly, extracting repellents from any plant may prove a safe choice as they may be volatile and require distillation and other processes to use in your lawn. Also, while using these natural fly repellents, it is always good to dispose of them carefully as they can harm the kids and pets around. Also, it can have some reaction with the fertilizers and pesticides you use in your lawn to secure from insects and bugs. So, you must use it with caution to get safer results. 

What Scent Repels Flies the Most?

Some effective ingredients that prove excellent repellent include oil of lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, catnip, cinnamon, and citronella. You need to be conscious while using essential oils to avoid allergic reactions to pets and small children. 

In conclusion, we know flies multiply quickly, even in clean spaces. The DIY solutions can work to a certain limit, and you may soon reach the juncture where you need the help of professionals. Contact Eden for effective lawn maintenance solutions. 

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with our timely yard work services that care for your yard according to the season. Call us today!

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