Nine Of The Best Commercial Pet-Friendly Ice Melts

Those of us who have dogs are well aware of the effect salt has on their paws. To compensate, we make them wear booties or try to avoid sections of the sidewalks that are heavily salted. We never allow them to ingest the products used to clear the sidewalks of ice. The result of this is often health issues and even death.

However, not all commercially available ice melts are inherently bad for dogs. While it is presumptuous to assume they are 100% safe, it is possible to find some that are less damaging to animals, and other living beings than others are. In general, many pet-friendly ice melters are often eco-friendly as well.

‘Pet-Friendly’ Ice Melts

Keeping Sidewalks Clear of Ice while Protecting Pets

Ice melts are available in all sizes and types. While many claim not to be dangerous to pets or are less dangerous than other de-icers are, be sure to look at the ingredients. When in doubt, talk to your veterinarian. Below is a list of pet-friendly ice melts, provided in alphabetical but not in rating order.

1. Branch Creek Entry Liquid Snow and Ice MeltThis liquid chloride-free non-toxic ice melt reduces the potential for damaging to a dog’s paws. It acts quickly at temperatures below zero while being safe for animals, children, plants, and even many surfaces.

2. Green Gobbler Fast-Acting Pet-Safe Ice Melt: This ice melt comes in small pellets. It is designed to be safer for plant and animal life. It is said to be as effective as protecting your dog’s paws as it is in quickly melting the ice and snow on your sidewalks and driveway.

3. Harris Safe Melt: Composed of 100% magnesium chloride, this product is less harmful to your pet’s paws. It also is less corrosive than other products to concrete and effective to temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the manufacturers provide a remedy for those not happy with their product – a satisfaction guarantee

4. Morton Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt: This Morton product is intended to make life easier for pet owners by not harming paws while still effectively melting ice. Vets were involved in the development of this snow and ice melt, which, while free from chloride and salt-free, still melts snow and ice at temperatures as low as 10 degrees F.

5. Natural Rapport: Like other pet-friendly ice melts, this product does not irritate or burn a pet’s paws. It also claims it lasts longer than others. The major ingredient is magnesium calcium acetate. An organic ingredient is added to help decrease corrosion.

6. Paw Thaw Ice Melt for DogsThis biodegradable, environmentally-friendly de-icer effective de-melts snow by minimizing any danger for dogs, plants, and concrete surfaces if used as directed.  The major ingredient is propylene glycol commonly found in both human and animal products.

7. Redmond Ice Slicer: This natural sea-salt product is cost-effective at melting ice while keeping your dog’s paws safe. Produced without the addition of any dyes, this ice melt reduces the chance of causing damage to your lawn, plants, and trees.

8. Safe Paw Ice Melter: Non-toxic and biodegradable, this product, made from urea, is safe for pets and people. Its name indicates that, unlike many commercial ice melts, it does not damage the paws of your dog or cat. Furthermore, Safe Paw does not pose an ingestion threat. It also does not harm fauna of all kinds, including grass and plants. The product is effective and is also claims to be both non-corrosive and non-conductive. Made with urea, one of the least harmful salts and least likely to irritate your pup’s feet or pose an ingestion danger.

9. Snow Joe Melt-2-Go: Snow Joe products appear consistently on top lists, including those for pet-friendly ice melters. It is easy on the paws but hard on ice and snow. What is also attractive is its affordability

Pet-Friendly Ice Melt Products

The cold and icy weather that accompanies winter in many parts of North America means ice melt is a common application for many sidewalks and driveways. De-icers can be dangerous to your dog. They can harm paws and cause damage if they are ingested. Always look to see if what you are using is actually pet-friendly. If you have a snow removal service obtained often through a third-party service such as Edenapp, currently found by going to Apple, Android, and edenapp.com, you can contact your provider and see if s/he does or can use environmentally and pet-friendly products.

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