November Essentials

The cold weather has arrived and with it comes quite a bit of care in your landscaping jobs for the month of November. Take a look at some of our tips for the month and give us a call with any questions that we can help you with as the winter season settles in.

Here are our top recommendations for November landscaping:

  • Remember to continue to water newly planted evergreens, trees and shrubs until the ground freezes.
  • Don’t forget about fall clean ups if you haven’t done them already. Cut back all perennials, remove annuals, clear beds and turf of leaf accumulations and prepare your landscape for the winter months.
  • Keep raking the lawn to remove late-falling leaves. Wet leaves that stay on the lawn all winter will kill the grass.
  • Shutting down irrigation system before pipes freeze will ensure systems are in the best possible condition for next year.
  • Wrap young tree trunks to protect them from deer rubs and frost cracking.
  • Last call for bulbs. The bulbs would have been better off if they had been planted one or two months ago. Planting now is preferable to not planting them at all. One way to help these bulbs is to apply a light mulch once the ground has started to freeze.
  • Check the moisture in the bulb beds. If the ground is dry, water it. This may be the last chance before winter sets in.
  • November is a time for finishing up garden clean ups and planning for next spring. Collect all gardening tools from anywhere they may be outdoors before the snow flies:
  • Make an inventory of the tools. Scrub all the mud off the tools and wipe them with an oily rag.
  • Check all the tools for wear.
  • Check handles for any cracks that could cause splinters. Sand them down or replace them.
  • Sharpen all shovels and hoes. Hand or place your tools somewhere where they can be found immediately when you need them come spring.
  • Make a materials list of things such as broken or missing tools, materials that you ran out of, a tool you always wished you had or something frivolous that someone might get you as a gift during the holidays.
  • Start another list focusing on chores that can be done ahead of time this winter.

What are your top priorities for November landscaping? Let us know by tweeting or messaging us on Instagram @edenapp!