Now Available on Eden: 6 New Yard Work Services

Eden has officially added SIXadditional yard work services:Seeding, Soil, Mulch, Flowers, Tree Work, and Aeration. After you select “Yard Work”, this list will now appear under “Add-ons”.Simply scroll down to view the list. To order a service, simply click on it and add in your specific notes (where to seed/soil/mulch etc..)

Here’s why you might need these services:

**Seeding **– Is your lawn thin or overtaken by fungus? You’ll need to seed your lawn to encourage new and healthy growth. **Soil **– Delivered and spread onto yourgarden beds as you need it. Mulch – A layer of material for your garden bedsto keep it weed-free, healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Flowers – Got a color scheme or type of flowerin mind to spruce up your front yard? Let us take care of your annual and perennialplanting. **Tree Work **– Trimming branches, cutting and removal by the pros. **Aeration **– Lawn perforationto keep it green and healthy.

Grass cutting, leaf cleanup, shrubs, garden bed cleanup are still available as options for add-ons. Eden is now better equipped to take care of all your yard needs.

Is there any other service that you’d like to see on Eden? Let us know!

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