Organic Weed Control For Flower Beds

Imagine spending a great deal of time grooming a landscape, and having pesky weeds ruin the perfect floral arrangement. This scenario is the challenge of many garden enthusiasts. While there are different methods of eradicating weeds, organic measures are an environmentally friendly approach. Let’s look at some methods of organic weed control for flower beds.


Organic weed control isn’t about eliminating weeds only; it’s also a way of preventing them from occurring. Mulching is both a preventive and elimination measure. It entails using a protective layer of mulch material around your flowers, to prevent weed seeds from getting to the soil.

Mulching also prevents existing seeds from receiving sunlight, thereby suppressing their growth. There are several organic mulches for flower beds. Some include bark chips, pine needles, tree trimmings, cocoa shells, and shredded leaves. For mulching to work effectively, you’ll need to:

  • Apply the mulch early in the planting season before weed seeds start to germinate
  • Take out time to remove any existing weeds
  • Layer up with only two or three inches of mulch. Over mulching may limit air exchange between your flower roots and the soil.
  • Use straw instead of hay. Straw is generally weed-free, but hay is a forage mix that has weed seeds.

Besides weed control, mulching is also beneficial to soil health. It helps retain moisture during summer and insulation in winter.

Lay Landscape Fabric, Cardboard, or Newspaper

For flower beds with large amounts of weed, mulching alone may not be sufficient. Many gardeners first create a layer of newspapers or biodegradable fabric before applying the mulch. This mulching method can last for an entire planting season and is very effective on annual and perennial weeds.

Newspapers, cardboard, and landscape fabric also add nutrients to the soil as they break down. Ensure to use papers without colors or cardboards with no chemical treatments.

Hand Pull

The old fashioned method of hand-pulling is an efficient method of weed control for flower beds. Using garden tools like trowel or claw, you can pull the most persistent weeds. To ease the process, you can wet the soil before pulling. When using this method, ensure to get the weed from its root rather than snapping it off the soil surface. It’ll ensure that the weeds don’t return.

Organic methods of weed control help you eliminate weeds without damaging your flower bed. You can also give your garden bed an exquisite look with the help of a landscaping company.