Polar Prep – How To Prepare For The Snowy Season

Anyone who has ever spent time in the northern hemisphere of the planet, knows that cold weather and winter worry is inevitable. From the bone chilling temperatures to the blustery whiteouts sweeping across the city, being prepared for winter is essential. While not every winter starts off with a bang, it is still rare the the upper portion of Planet Earth sees a mild enough winter to not have a plan in action. From snow removal to emergency candles, it’s always a safe bet to prep for the snowy season before it arrives.

Get Technical 

The easiest way to keep a close eye on Mother Nature and what she has in store for you is by taking it your smartphone. With handful of free apps to update you on incoming storms, inclement weather and dropping temperatures, there is no reason to be surprised by the snow. By keeping watch of any messy weather heading your way, it can help you avoid poor road conditions, change plans and organize any snow removal services you may need with ease. Which, brings us to our next point.

Snow Removal 

One of the biggest issues with a harsh winter is snow removal. Whether it’s roads being plowed or driveways being clear, snow removal is a necessity safe travel. While keeping with the trend of easy-to-use technology, Eden App offers a contract-free, automated snow removal service, available right from your smartphone. With a “set it & forget it” concept, proper snow removal put in place before the winter means that once the snow dumps down, you won’t be stranded up a frozen creek.

Keep A Stash 

Nothing is worse that being stranded at home in the middle of a whiteout and realizing your low on supplies. Whether it’s an empty fridge or you’re out of toothpaste, it’s always good to keep a supply of emergency goodies. Since many major snowstorms have knocked out power for entire cities, making sure an extra jar of PB is in the pantry is a good idea once that temperature starts to drop. And don’t forget to keep track of where you keep the flashlights, matches and extra batteries, just incase.

Make The Most of It 

Despite the bad rap winter gets, everybody loves a snow day. Whether it’s skipping school or work, or being stranded due to closed roads, a comfy day at home can be just what we need sometimes. So, why not make the most of it? No power? No problem! A snowstorm is the perfect time to bust out those classic board games you’ve been stashing in the basement. From Monopoly to Charades, board games in pajamas can quickly turn being snowed in into a fun, family stay-cation!

By staying on top of prepping for the snowy season, you can alleviate so many sticky situations and major headaches. From early morning shoveling to being snowed in with no toilet paper, it’s important to get ready, and get Eden. With easy an sign-up and automated snow removal service, it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when the dreaded squalls start.