Proof That Snow Shovelling Can Kill

There are a lot of reasons we want every person to use Eden, I mean we would be lying if we pretended any differently. Most people think the main benefit of using us to clear your snow is for convenience but we think a better reason is that we don’t want you to die.

Pretty bold statement huh?

The New York Times (yes, that’s NYT so you know we aren’t making this up) published an article with anew studyby the University of Montreal Hospital Research centre showing that men’s chances of suffering from a heart attack increases after a heavy snow fall.

Well, to be clearer it increases if you shovel the snow, men who stay on the couch are safe.

The research examined hospital records against snow falls and found:

  • 2 inches (5 cm) or more of snow is 14% increase in risk of heart attack.
  • 2 or 3 days of continuous snow fall was linked to 20% increase in risk of heart attack.
  • 8 inches (20 cm) of snow fall was linked to 34% increase risk of a heart attack and 16% risk of a hospital admission.

Snow shovelling is a difficult physical activity that requires stamina and a strong heart. The concluding advice from researchers is “if you don’t have to shovel, don’t…”

A lot of companies say they are lifesavers but few have the New York Times proving it.

We admit we are making light of this but seriously we don’t want anyone to get hurt out there. Please be safe when you are shovelling and if you need help or feel you should stay on the couch please let us take the chore away for you or someone you love.