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Save on Time and Labor With These Yard Work and Gardening Tips

September 12th 2020

Summertime should be a time to relax and soak in the warm summer sun in your yard. We know you want to put in the work to make your lawn look great but don’t spend many precious afternoons and evenings doing yard work instead of relaxing and enjoying the weather.

Using these labor-saving tips will ensure you spend less time in your yard and garden and more time doing other summer activities you love.

Get Organized

Create a zone for yard care and gardening tools in your shed or garage. Having to search around every time for garden rakes, misplaced trowel, and seed packets can be very exasperating, not to mention it’s time-wasting potential. Make use of organizing tools like repurposed containers or pegboards to keep similar items together. You can also convert a dollar-store album lying around to an organizing tool for storing plant care sticks and seed packet for future use.

It'd also be best to store an extra set of garden hand tools and twine in a waterproof container somewhere in your garden. That way, once you observe a stem that requires tying up, a weed, or perhaps a broken rose cane, you won't need to run to the garage or shed for your gardening supplies.

Harness Perennial Power

Consider planting more perennials rather than a new set of annual plants and flowers each spring. Perennials are hardy plants and would quickly blossom and thrive without needing much attention. Talk to the local garden shop to discover the beautiful flowers that thrive in your region.


Lighten Your Container Pots

While large container pots add dimension and color to any patio or yard, they’re always heavy and hard to move. Before planting, consider filling the bottom half of the empty pot with packing peanuts. Then proceed to fit a piece of landscaping fabric on top of it. This allows the water to drain through while barricading the soil. Fill up the rest of the container with soil and add the plants. Check and observe that your pots are now much lighter and easier to move.The summer season is usually brief, so there's a need to maximize time. Therefore, using these tips ensures you spend less time working and more time relaxing in your yard. Eden services is a professional landscape company that promises to do all your yard work while you concentrate on engaging on those fun summer activities you enjoy doing. Our experts are one call away from transforming your yard.