Sidewalk Snow Removal Bylaws In Kitchener, Ontario

Sidewalk Snow Removal Bylaws In Kitchener, Ontario

When the snow arrives in Ontario, Canada, it is a case of “all hands on deck.” The
highways plows and salters quickly move into action. The city plows take to the
streets. They clear the main arteries and then move onto the side streets. However,
when it comes to policies concerning the snow removal of residential sidewalks,
there is a mishmash of approaches.

Sidewalk Snow Removal in Kitchener, Ontario

Keeping sidewalks clear can be a chore, but it is an essential one. For those who walk,
push strollers or use mobility equipment, sidewalks coated with snow make it
difficult if not impossible to go to and from where they are going. As a result, most
cities and towns have put into place bylaws or other regulations governing the
clearing of sidewalks following a snow and/or ice storm.
In Kitchener, when the snow flies, residents, and property managers are expected
to clear their sidewalks. The current bylaw, although now under review, states that
the public is responsible for maintaining their own sidewalks. This means keeping
them free from all snow and ice. In fact, the snow must be removed completely –
down to the actual sidewalk.

Residents have 24 hours following the snow event to clear their sidewalks
completely. Bylaw officers make periodic checks to ensure this law is being adhered
to. They also respond to any complaints they receive about snow-covered
sidewalks. If anyone is found to be in noncompliance, the city issues a notice
warning of the infraction.

If the residents or the owners of the property still do not remove the snow, the
local government takes action. It hires a company to clear the sidewalks running
along the property. They then charge the homeowners based on the three following

  1. Lot size
  2. Equipment required for the snow removal process
  3. Length of time needed to remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk(s)
    If You Are Unable to Clear Your Sidewalks
    Although Kitchener City Council is currently reviewing the city’s sidewalk snow removal bylaw, the results will not be assessed and any new plan implemented until
    May 2020. While citizens are encouraged to participate, the situation remains the same for many who may find themselves unable to personally clear their sidewalks.
    For the elderly and the disabled, this becomes a problem they cannot afford to ignore. However, several options do exist. Among them are several local agencies,including:
    – Community Support Connections/Meals and Wheels and More
    – The Working Centre

    Neighbours also have been known to help out as well as local high school children some who want to add to their volunteer hours. Yet, many of these solutions may be only temporary. They can prove to be unreliable – not available when you really require their services. This is why it is better to turn the matter over to a professional snow removal service.

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