Snow Plowing

Smart Snow Removal Technology

Are you still clearing your driveway with a shovel? It’s time to upgrade to the latest technology.

Is there any more time-consuming task than shoveling snow? Fortunately, you no longer need to engage in this outdated and time-consuming activity thanks to technological advancements.

Here are a few ingenious technologies that will keep your home free of snow and ice while saving your time and effort. 


Are you ready to transfer your snow removal responsibilities to a robot? Hanyang Robotics is here to help with the Snowbot. This artificially intelligent snowblower features treaded wheels, a 360-degree conduit that can throw snow up to 20 feet, ultrasonic detectors that allow it to avoid obstacles, and a security camera mounted on the front so you can monitor what it sees. Snowbot owners can assign the automation work to clear a specific area with just a swipe on an accompanying app, and the device will return to recharge when it runs out of power. 

RT-1000 Tractor

Left Hand Robotics has you covered with the RT-1000 Tractor if you have a big property that needs snow removal. This completely autonomous workbot will plow snow (or mow the grass) along a goal set by its user, using lidar, radar, and six onboard cameras to avoid obstacles and individuals as it goes about its work. Users who prefer a more hands-on approach can use the RT-1000’s remote control feature, which allows them to control any and all of the robot’s operations while staying warm and comfortable in their own homes.  

Warmzone Radiant Heating

If your driveway is your main concern when it comes to snow removal, consider a Warmzone radiant heating system. Warmzone installs electric or hydronic radiant heating systems under the surface of driveways and pathways to melt snow before it becomes a problem, modernizing a 7,000-year-old technique for the digital age. Warmzone owners don’t have to think about it—sensors that monitor weather conditions will automatically activate the heating system when certain pre-set conditions are met, keeping your driveways and walks clear of snow and ice. 

Helmet Heat

Of course, ice and snow problems don’t just affect roads and pathways. During winter, ice dams can form in gutters, causing property damage as a result of the increased weight as well as physical hazards in the form of icicles. Gutter Helmet’s Helmet Heat product, which runs self-regulating heated cables through their standard Gutter Helmet product—a cover for cutters that allows water run-off while preventing leaves and other debris from gathering in your gutters—is designed to avoid these problems. When they say “self-regulating,” what precisely do they mean? Helmet Heat detects the outside temperature and adjusts the heat accordingly, reducing overheating and clearing snow and ice from gutters. 


Are you still sweeping your driveway with a shovel? It’s time to upgrade to the latest technology. We’ve listed a few clever new technology equipment that will help you maintain your property free of snow and ice while also saving you time and work. Also, you can always hire a professional snow removal company for your assistance. 

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