Snow Plows For Small Vehicles – The Garden Tractor

Many people have purchased a small garden tractor to help them take care of several summer jobs. Sometimes called “compact” tractors, they are frequently locked up by the time winter comes around. This is a shame as garden tractors can take on another role when the snow begins to fall. They can become miniature snow plows.

Snow Plows and Garden Tractors

Compact tractors are made by various companies. Common types include:

While it is possible to purchase plow accessories from the original manufacturer of your compact tractor, this is not always possible. Sometimes, too, adding a plow is an afterthought. It may also be a case of affordability at the time you purchased the tractor or even later. However, several companies do produce snow plows and snow plow kits. This makes it easier to find one that is compatible with your type of tractor while not harming the budget.

Among the potential snow plows for a small garden or compact tractors, the following comes to mind. They score high in their “universality” of application. However, they do in range in price and how they are attached.

Arnold 19A30017OEM: This snow blade fits a variety of popular compact tractors 46-Inch Snow Blade Attachment

Earth & Turf Products: This Company manufactures blades specifically suited Kubota and John Deere compact tractors. They use Kubota or clamp-on mounts.

John Deere: They sell a variety of snow pushers and snow blowers for their tractors.

MotoAlliance Denali: The Company produces snow plow kits compatible with various garden and lawn Tractors, including Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2, as well as Husqvarna and the John Deere 100 Series.

Extreme Metal Products: Suitable for compact tractors, this is a front loader snow plow.

Kolpin Switchblade UTV Plow: Designed for a UTV, it is also compatible with several garden tractors.

Land Pride’s RB15An excellent snow plow for smaller garden tractors – the sub-compact, this blade comes in the pulling and push blade mode

Meyer: This well-known and respected company produces a universal mount. This allows it to attach to at least the major types of compact tractors. The process is not complicated and can be handled with ease and efficiency.

ProTech Snow Pusher: The Company has been producing snow removal products for years, including a rubber edge snow pusher that does the job on the front of a compact tractor.

Work Saver 24 Series: This Company manufactures a series of snow plows and snow pushers as well as other accessories for tractors, compact tractors, and utility vehicles. They are designed for those compacts featuring the “universal” skid steer attach method. However, they also have models capable of attaching to certain John Deere tractors.

Turning Your Garden Tractor into a Snow Removal Machine

Compact tractors can be more than summer tools. In winter, with the right accessories, they can clear your sidewalk, walkways, and driveways quickly and efficiently. They can do the same for neighbors. In fact, some commercial snow removal agencies, including those available through such third-party services as Edenapp, use them. However, always be sure the match between garden tractor and snow plow, snow pusher, or snow blower is the right one. Failure to consider compatibility easily can lead to serious consequences.

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