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Snow Removal Facts In Newmarket

January 22nd 2020

Newmarket is a community just outside of Toronto. It was founded by American Quakers seeking to escape the turmoil of their refusal to take part in the American Revolution. Today, it is known for its many parks and outdoor scenic beauties, including Fairy Lake. Designated as one of Canada’s “Best Places to Live” by MoneySense Magazine in 2018, it attracts those who want to live in a place with small-town sensations but big-city opportunities and amenities.

Snow Removal Responsibilities in Newmarket ON

In Ontario, it snows. It can even snow excessively at times. Ontarians are used to getting up in the morning to a world blanketed by the white stuff. In Newmarket, snow is a given between November and mid-April. Newmarket’s Public Works Services Department sends the snow plows out to maintain the local roads, but the regional roads fall under the governance of York Region.

Using tractors and dump trucks converted into snow plows, the city tackles the issues if more than 2.3 inches of snow falls on their roads. The trucks first apply salt along the 12 routes. Plowing by 7 town-owned and operated vehicles and 5 contracted ones, follows to ensure the roads are clear 8 to 12 hours following a snow event. The sequence of events is that which is followed in such Ontario cities as Toronto and Ottawa, as well as most American cities e.g. Boston, MA. The City first plows primary routes. Next are the secondary roads.

Newmarket officials also tackle the clearance of certain sidewalks. Nine sidewalk plows remove the snow from sidewalks in front of such institutions as schools. Under by-law number 1996-38, snow removal from around brown mailboxes is the responsibility of Canada Post while York Region Transit is accountable for removing snow and ice from both bus shelters and bus stops.

However, when it comes to residential sidewalk snow removal, the matter is not as clear-cut as it once was. Since 2015, Newmarket has embarked on what it refers to as a Sidewalk Snow-Clearing Program. The goal is for the City to eventually perform snow removal services for all residential sidewalks. However, since the service is being phased in gradually, your neighborhood may not be included yet. If this is the case, under Newmarket's Snow-Clearing By-law 1996-38, you are responsible for making sure your sidewalks are clear of all ice and snow within 24 hours of the cessation of a snow event. All parties still remain responsible for clearing their own driveways and walkways.

Do note that the city, when plowing the sidewalks, requires any specific features that may interfere with the work be placed a minimum of “18" away from both sides of the sidewalks.” Furthermore, edging is required to prevent tearing of the sod. If sod damage does occur, residents are requested to contact the City to be placed on a sod-repair list.

Snow Clearing in Newmarket

Snow clearing in Newmarket is more complicated than it is in Guelph, ON, or Toronto. For the roads, snow removal jurisdiction lies between York Region and the City. Moreover, the responsibility for clearing residential sidewalks is in the process of removing the burden from residents to the Newmarket Public Works Department. Currently, it depends upon in which neighborhood your home is as to whether you are responsible for clearing your sidewalks or it lies with the city.

Check the city site to learn more about your responsibilities as a homeowner. If you do not wish to deal with the copious amounts of snow that fall over the winter season, consider the alternatives. Even if the City does clear your sidewalk and any abutments, it may be beneficial and even faster to hire a snow removal service. Simply use a third-party service such as Edenapp – available through Apple, Android, and edenapp.com, to locate a compatible solution to any of your ice and snow issues in Newmarket.