Snow Shovel, Snow Blower Or Snow Plow?

Snow Shovel, Snow Blower Or Snow Plow?

When winter arrives in Ontario, it means rivers and pedestrians alike are facing their harshest opponent – snow. Although it is always easier to avoid snow removal rather than deal with it, this is not the best solution. It is winter, after all. While these chores may never seem fun, you can, however, make removing snow from driveways and sidewalks easier by choosing the right tools to combat it.

Top Snow Removal Tools

Whether you are facing heavy, wet snow in Guelph Ontario or the snow blow away type that comes off Lake Ontario, there is a tool for that. The list below provides some guidance on what type of equipment is best for certain conditions and circumstances.

  • Snow Shovels: These are the traditional tool for snow removal jobs. They can dig, push, and lift snow of all kinds. The type of shovel you need depends upon a number of factors including:
  • Average snowfall
  • Layout and size of property
  • Type of snow
  • Physical capabilities

Traditional shovels lift the snow from the ground for tossing somewhere else. However, for those with back issues, the snow pusher does what its name indicates. It pushes rather lifts the snow. It is only good for snow under 6 inches. There are also so-called “Smart Shovels” with rotating handles, and for those who want a snow shovel for their car, there is a telescoping shovel.

  • Snow Blower: If shoveling is too difficult and/or you have a large area to clear, use a snow blower. A snow blower is available in diverse shapes and sizes. It can tackle all types of snowfall and can easily remove large amounts from sidewalks and driveways efficiently and without great physical restraint. For some people, this is the only way they are ever going to tackle snow removal from their driveways. However, follow manufacturer instructions and exercise care and caution when operating snow blowers. This reduces the risk of any injuries occurring.
  • Snowplow: Snow blowers are ideal for tackling snow on driveways and sidewalks as long as the area requiring snow removal is not extensive. Furthermore, for getting right down to the bare surface of a sidewalk or driveway, it is hard to beat a snow plow. Whether you purchase a straight or V-plow, depends upon your budget and your intended application.

Size is also a factor. Fortunately, snow plows come in a wide variety of sizes. You can purchase one capable of fitting a large pick-up truck or a small ATV.

Remember. Choosing the right snow removal tools helps to reduce the length of time it should take for snow removal. Just as important, the right equipment significantly decreases the risk of inducing an adverse health situation such as cardiac arrest.

Snow Removal Made SimpleIf you live in such urban communities as Guelph, Ontario, or Toronto, removing snow is hardly a fun way to spend your time. At the beginning of the year, it is a novel chore. Over time, however, the novelty wears off, and it becomes a chore. If you are tired of the grind of snow removal or simply cannot do it, consider hiring a snow removal service. By drawing on the resources of a third-party service such as Edenapp, you can get the help you need to make winter pass more pleasantly. For more information, visit Apple, Android, and/or edenapp.com.

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