Spring Sale: How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Home

With warm spring weather on its way, the upcoming months are a prime time for houses to go on the market. Thinking of selling your home? Well, there are actually some easy landscaping tips to help spruce up your curb appeal after a long, dreary winter. From some simple freshening up to adding a pop of color, turning your home into an open house must-see is easier than you think, especially with Eden App.

Fresh Mulch:

Adding a fresh batch of mulch to your garden beds is a super easy and cost-effective way to make your yard look new and inviting. Not only does it hide the traces of the wear and tear the snow did on your yard, it gives a great contrast against any budding blossoms and greenery coming back to life this spring.

Shrubs & Trees:

Nothing says “bad house on the block” like unsightly overgrown trees. Like a scene from a scary movie, unkempt shrubs and trees on your property can give the assumption that the interior is just as poorly taken care of. Pruning back branches and shaping your hedges can make your home look more polished, more inviting and quickly turn a “for sale” into a SOLD.

Grass Cutting:

Much like experts say having the scent of fresh baking can lure in potential buyers to seeing a house as a home, freshly cut grass can do the same. Not only does a crisp lawn cut look more aesthetically pleasing to viewers, the fresh grass smell is known to evoke positive feelings – Quickly flooding a buyers mind with thoughts of barbecues, patio parties and family fun.

Weeding & Gardening:

Unless you’re selling your house as a flip, most people don’t want to buy a home that needs a ton of works done to it – This includes the landscaping and yard work. With the stress of moving, painting, unpacking, etc. having the basic yard work done for the new homeowners can be a very nice bonus to your offer. Even just removing unsightly weeds and planting a few pops of color can go a long way when it comes to shining up the curb appeal of your home – Not to mention, it’s affordable and easy to maintain until the sale!

Pressure Wash:

Over time, walkways, decks and stonework can build up grime and often begin to alter their fresh color and appeal. Pressure washing your outdoor surfaces can easily bring them back to life, and give them a fresh contrast against your garden beds and grass, making them look newer and in better condition. You can even pressure wash the side of your home to brighten up brick or aluminum siding!

Selling a house is all about the packaging. While you may have a great realtor and a beautiful home, the outside aesthetic is crucial in drawing interest. With just a few simple gardening and landscaping jobs, you can make your property look fresh, new and ready for a whole new generation of happy memories. With apps like Eden, we can spruce up your property quick and easy, without disrupting your house hunting or potential buyers.