Summer Landscaping Tips for Toronto Homeowners

With warm weather, outdoor barbeques and poolside parties come the need for meaningful use of the yard. Therefore, your yard must be in tip-top shape despite the summer heat in Toronto.

Although landscaping in summer can be challenging, you can find simple ways to maintain your lawn and flowers throughout the season to fully enjoy the lush greenery that’ll emerge from adequate maintenance.

Whether you’re experienced in landscaping or a beginner, here are some landscaping tips to make your yard stand out this summer.

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

To ensure your plants don’t dry up during the summer, you’ll need to keep it hydrated. There are times to water your garden or lawn in the day. For example, watering the grass in the middle of the day isn’t a recommendable practice. The harsh sun’s effect on the plants means that most, if not all the water will quickly dry up before reaching the roots.

Water your garden before the sun comes up or in the evening.

Add Light Features

Invest in an excellent light source to brighten your yard. It could be lanterns or spotlights to accentuate your favorite plants, fairy lights, or torches.

Use Colorful Hardy Plants

It would be best if you beautify your landscape by adding a splash of color with flowering plants. Consider choosing hardy plants, preferably one that’s indigenous to your area, and are more likely to survive through the hot summer.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Regularly mowing your lawn is also a crucial part of keeping it healthy. The first time you mow it, consider setting your mower to the highest, then lower it a little each time until you get the desired grass height.

Don’t cut it too short, as this will expose it more to the harshness of the sun and plant diseases. Doing this will keep the grass greener for longer.

Pest Control

Bugs, critters, insects, and all kinds of animals can litter and cause damage to your beautiful plant life. To protect your property from damage, you’ll need to spray the proper pesticides. If you can’t do this yourself, hire a professional lawn service to apply the treatment.

You can also plant ill tasting plants to prevent animals from returning to your garden.

Fertilize Accordingly

Fertilization is vital when dealing with the summer heat. But also keep your landscape’s location and condition in mind.

Spread the fertilizer evenly and try not to apply it when the temperature is above 90 degrees. You can visit a nearby garden center and ask for advice on the best fertilizer for your lawn.


Don’t let summer heat wither your property’s landscape. Using these tips will ensure your property looks green and beautiful all summer long if you have the time and energy to spare.At Eden, You’ll find out more about how to give your landscape the professional touch it deserves for the great outdoors this summer.