summer landscaping tips

Summer Landscaping Tips

So summer is fast approaching, and you’ll like to maintain the lawn in your home and reap all the accompanying benefits of having nature bloom around you. But it appears summer might not be the best time of the year to spread your grass seeds, given the increased environmental heat and its adverse effect on plant growth.

Whatever be the odds, whether it’s the explosion of soil heat, drier soils, reduced soil fertility, or weed encroachment, here are a few brilliant summer landscaping tipsto follow for a more vibrant environment.

Mow Regularly

It takes the right amount of routine caregiving for any lawn or garden to maintain a desirable appearance. Mowing is one of such gardening routines that ensure your turf grass thrives as naturally and consistently as possible.

When mowing your lawn, set the mower’s blade high enough to avoid cutting the turf grass too low, thereby exposing it to excess sunshine and heat.

Use Drought-tolerant Varieties

Another smart summer landscaping tip for preserving the beauty of your lawn is to use of drought-tolerant plants in your garden. Most grass plants do not show much appreciation for summer, as this period means less water for them.

So when seeding, do well to use only the best types of drought-tolerant grass.

Water at the Right Time

Mornings are the best time of the day to water your lawn in summer. Watering your lawn is best done at the coolest hours of the day when the soil is cold, to allow plant roots ample time for moisture absorption. If you water at later periods, a more significant portion of the water will be lost to evaporation as the soil becomes hotter.

Enlist Professional Assistance

Hiring landscaping services to take care of your domestic scenery is a wise step that’ll save you lots of time, physical effort, and even money. Perhaps, as a person who enjoys gardening as a hobby, or one who has adequate landscaping knowledge, you may be tempted to think that managing your lawn all by yourself will save you some financial costs. But when you consider how much money you’ll be throwing into tools and machinery, alongside maintenance expenditures, you’ll find that landscaping experts are a stress-free alternative.

Put a call through to our team today and get a free quote. We offer excellent quality landscaping solutions at competitive pricing.

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