Money Tree Plant

Taking Care Of Your Money Tree Plant In Your Lawn

Some of the best ways to take care of your money tree plants are to provide them with ample light, daily watering, proper fertilizing and Repotting. These practices keep all the problems of money plants at bay, thus keeping them healthy and green in your yard. If you are faithful to the plant, it will grow. 

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It is a popular plant, and it is known to bring positive energy along with good luck. However, it consumes more effort to keep it happy and healthy. Its botanical name is Pachira Aquatica, a tropical species primarily based in the South and Central US. Now, we will check how to take care of the money tree plant in your lawn:

Taking Care of your Money Tree Plant 

There are three basic elements you need to consider while taking care of your money tree plant, have as under: 


Most tropical plants adapt to the indoor culture. These only tolerate medium light conditions, hence should be placed near a shed in a garden. A brightly lit space with no direct sunlight will suffice the requirements of the money tree plant, as natural sunlight can damage when the plant is exposed. 

Keeping it in the proper condition in moderate indirect sunlight will allow the plant to get green leaves and grow. Refrain from adding too many things together, as it can prove lethal. Excess water, constant direct light, or even meager temperature can damage the plant. 


Money plants require high humidity; hence, you must maintain the temperature around it. The daily misting having room temperature water is advantageous. Putting some warm water can help keep its foliage clean and even reduces the chance of getting pests giving the plant good growth. 

For watering, you have to follow a rule. If you have kept the plant in a pot, you need to water it unless you find it draining from the bottom. Avoid the bank from remaining in drained water for a lot as it can rot the root. Also, overwatering can bring several other harmful effects. Using a humidifier, you must keep the plan moist during the dry winter season. 


The next best way to take care of the money plant is to fertilize it with the help of a water-soluble house plant food. As per experts, you need half the strength as often given on the package label. You need to apply the liquid fertilizer once every month, especially when you are watering from March to October

Avoiding fertilization during the winter is often recommended as the days are short and dark. However, doing this can make the plant weak. You must prune as required to shape and remove the brown growth. Also, money tree plant care is about exploring houseplants’ basics and understanding other requirements. 


The next best method to take care of the indoor money plants includes repotting. For this process, you need a commercially made soil mix that is peat moss based. For effective drainage, you need to add perlite and 25 % of coarse sand with a potting mix. If you find the sand now available, you can choose clean pea gravel, which is clean and would work equally. 

Also, make sure that you have drainage holes at the pot’s bottom. When planting outdoor in any frost-free climate, you need to plan it under the shade of any large existing trees using good drainage and soil of average fertility where you can water as and when required. 

Money Plant

What are the common money tree care problems? 

The following are the two major problems, have a look:

  • Pests – You may find pests like the scale insects like aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. For such issues, you can go for a systemic insecticide. This will make the money plant toxic for the pests and other pests coming closer to the plant. However, as a caution, you must keep the pets and children away from the plant. 
  • Sparse Leaves or Too Lanky – If you are keeping it misted or occasionally over any bathroom, it can help when you find the leaves becoming too tall and sparse. So, you must treat the plant accordingly to keep it in the right shape. 

How much does it grow? 

They can grow upto the height of 60 feet in a garden, however, in the indoor, it can only grow upto six feet. If you are able to maintain a proper home condition, you may not see a single flower. It comes naturally.  You can find it to be a tree with a native habitat and for a mature growth, it should be able to produce any type of flower. 

What is the cost of money plants? 

This depends upon the size of the plant. The range starts with 15 USD for a small specimen, while the larger ones can cost you around a few hundred dollars. 

In conclusion, it is always good to have this plant in your lawn or inside your home. It is known for its different look; thus, the feeling it creates within your home or yard differs. It is decorative with stems as pliable. Taking care of these plants can help give them good shape and boost the overall appearance of your yard or home. Contact Eden for a quality landscape solutions! 

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with our timely yard work services that care for your yard according to the season. Call us today!

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