The autonomous snowplow competition at Google Sidewalk Labs | eden

On Saturday, January 26 in downtown Toronto, the Eden team made our way down to the 9th annual autonomous snowplow competition. Located at the Google Sidewalk labs, Student engineers gathered with excitement and team spirit to compete. Eden got to see first hand how far and fast the tech is developing in our industry.

During the competition, the robotic snowplows were to remove snow from two snowfields within a set amount of time. The pressure was on.

The first snowfield had a single “I”- shaped path meant to represent a sidewalk. The Second snowfield had two parallel, or a double “I” shaped path which is meant to represent a driveway. There was to be no direct human control of the vehicle during the plowing operation and stationary objects were placed in the snowfield to increase complexity of navigation. Scroll down to see more from the fun filled day!

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