Benefits of Landscaping

The Benefits of Landscaping

The benefits of landscaping include:

  • Keeping the surroundings cool.
  • Purifying air and water.
  • Positively impacting mental and physical health.
  • Increasing a property’s business and market value and reclaiming unused spaces, among other things.

Eden explains all these benefits in detail in this article, along with some others. So, read on to find out all of them.

1. Trees and Grass Help Cool Down the Area Around Your Home

A typical grass lawn is cooler than cement, asphalt, and even bare soil. You can reduce your air-conditioning needs when you landscape around your house, as grass keeps the surroundings cool. 

Tall trees on the west and south sides of the building provide shade during the hottest times of the day and lower inside temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. Trees also help reduce glare through the windows.

2. Landscapes Purify the Air and Water

Grass and trees capture smoke and dust particles, remove carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen, thus purifying the air around your property.

A single tree has the ability to remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year, neutralizing the effect of emissions of driving a car 11,000 miles. Also, one tree can supply enough oxygen to support a family of four people every day. 

Healthy landscapes act as stormwater runoff barriers, reducing the flow of pollutants and sediments to nearby bodies of water.

3. Xeriscaping Reduces the Use of Natural Resources

Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that needs little to no irrigation. Many regions have water restrictions during the hot days of summer. You may want to try xeriscaping to avoid the effect of these restrictions on your landscaping. As 30% of the water consumed in the U.S. is for outdoor use, you can reduce your water bills considerably with xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping incorporates natural groundcover instead of installing turfgrass. This eliminates the use of landscaping equipment like lawnmowers and trimmers, thus reducing pollution and fuel consumption.

4. Landscaping has a Positive Effect on Physical and Psychological Health

Multiple studies show that green spaces aid in stress reduction and recovery. Urban landscapes create a calming environment that helps recover from the mental fatigue of everyday life, work, and academics. They also help improve creativity and productivity.

Just walking through a natural environment, even in the middle of a city, improves memory and attention. People who live in neighborhoods with community green spaces report lower healthcare costs and stress levels.

5. Landscaping Increases a Property’s Business and Market Value  

Customers claim to spend more money on services and goods if the commercial building has a high-quality tree canopy, and buyers say they are willing to travel long distances to shop in an area with better landscaping. Once they arrive, they also stay longer at the place if the landscaping is peaceful. Thus, high-quality commercial landscaping provides economic benefits to a business.

The Appraisal Institute released information encouraging homeowners to spend about 10% of the property value on landscaping as properties with well-maintained landscapes are valued 6 to 13 percent more than properties without landscapes. Therefore, investing in landscaping increases the market value of your property, helping you receive a higher return on investment.

6. Water Features Create a Soothing Atmosphere

The sound of running water creates a calming atmosphere for one to relax and recover from the day’s stress. This natural sound also helps drown out ambient noise. This is especially useful for residential and commercial properties located in busy areas. 

Water features are great additions to any kind of property as they are a cost-effective enhancement. To know more about affordable landscaping ideas, read Eden’s other article – landscaping ideas on a budget

7. Installing Retaining Walls Helps Prevent Erosion

Retaining walls help prevent raised soil from running off in the direction of the building when it rains, if your property is located on a slope. Though this barrier is for practical use, it can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping.

Retaining walls provide an additional place for seating, tiered pathways, or a beautiful garden area. They also offer privacy.

8. Landscapes Turn Unused Spaces into Functional Areas

A backyard that has been kept unused for many years or has been home to a pile of twigs or old furniture can be given a makeover with a simple addition of plants and outdoor furnishings. 

Landscaping is versatile – you can even use the areas that are not conducive to installing grass by planting moss or installing unattached, raised decks where the grade is uneven. 

With landscaping, there is never a lack of options to choose from to design your outdoor space. Contact Eden, and we will turn your unused outdoor space into the landscape of your dreams.

9. Landscapes Expand your Living Space

Landscaping allows you to use your outdoor space to its full capacity. You can install pergolas to create a comfortable seating area to take in your entire landscape or relax after a long day. Outdoor kitchens make it convenient to cook and hold get-togethers outside. Fire pits create a cozy environment for more intimate gatherings with your loved ones. The options are truly endless! 

10. Landscaping Provides Privacy

Strategic planting of trees, hedges, and plants limits the view from nearby properties and creates a more hidden and private space. Businesses that want to minimize their visibility can benefit from planting certain trees and shrubs around their premises. This type of fencing is also a great option for homeowners who are looking to create a natural barrier between their property and the neighbors’.

As landscaping offers many benefits, consider designing and constructing a unique landscape for your home or business with Eden. Our experts make sure to add features that complement the aesthetic of your property. Enhance your outdoor living space, and add value and curb appeal to your property.

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