The Five Best Mobile Weather Apps

The weather has always been a topic of conversation. It demands our attention for any number of reasons. If we are planning an outdoor event, we want to know if the weather is going to cooperate. Before we step outside, we like to know how to dress. While the newspapers, radio, and television still provide weather reports, more people rely on their mobile devices to keep them informed. To obtain the information they require, they download a weather app. Below are what we think are some of the best mobile weather apps currently available.

The Five Best Mobile Weather Apps

Weather apps come in all different styles and approaches. They may be simple to read and offer basic but useful information. They can also be more challenging and offer more detailed and even complex weather data. The top three on this list are familiar to most traditional weather watchers.

1. AccuWeather: This app is not complicated; however, it does offer comprehensive information on the weather. It provides both instant readings on the current situation in your location as well as data on the weather conditions over a larger region. It offers both extended forecasts as well as something called “MinuteCast,” which tells you the precipitation count minute-by-minute. This app prides itself on being precise and accurate. It is available for both iOS and Android.

2. The Weather ChannelLike its tv counterpart, this app provides both a quick summary of the weather in your part of the world as well as broader forecasts. With both static and video presentations, this mobile app is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. It is available for free for both Android and iOS.

3. 1WeatherThis app has been available to Android users for what seems like ages. Its icons make it easy to read. Like the above two apps, it displays the usual: forecasts, weather alerts, and live radar. All meant to help you plan your day, week, or vacation. It is available for both iOS and Android.

4. Dark Sky:  This app is not free, but is a favorite among serious weather watchers. It is known for its visuals as much as its ability to nail short-term forecasts and its storm alerts. The app provides daily, weekly, and long-term forecasts using algorithms as well as the most recent data readings. It is available for both iOS and Android.

5. Weather Underground:  This app provides “hyperlocal” and accurate forecasts utilizing user-submitted weather statistics. It offers a live radar map as well as the usual weather alerts. Other information provides such things as sunrise and sunset times and reports on ski resorts. It is available from the Apple Store.

Best Mobile Weather Apps

The above mobile weather apps are only a few of the many currently available. If these seem too conservative or you question their ability to protect your privacy, do consider the following alternatives:

· Carrot Weather

· Flowx

· Haze

· RadarScope

· WeatherBug

If none of these appeal to or meet your needs, do not worry. There are several other mobile weather apps available online. They may provide the information you want about your weather in Philadelphia, PA, or Cambridge, ON. Moreover, even as you read this, many other weather apps are in the process of being developed, making the future look as sunny or rainy as they tell it.

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