The Importance of Having Your Lawn Clear of Leaves

Fallen leaves are a natural occurrence in our yard. Although autumn is a beautiful season with all the colorful leaves on different trees, it leaves an untidy sight once these leaves start to fall. Professional lawn care experts are there to help if you are too busy or would rather not spend your whole weekend raking leaves.

Even if you don’t enjoy the task of raking leaves, clearing your yard of leaves is a necessity that you need to do. Read on to discover the importance of having your lawn clear of weeds.

Lawn Care from Leaves

Although fallen leaves look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they make your yard appear drab when they’re dead and looking brown. Whether you choose to vacuum the fallen leaves with a tractor mower or rake the leaves, make this leaves clearing a weekend project your family can join in or contact a professional to do this. Remember not to rake away all the leaves. You can shred some and use it for mulch. Ensure you keep up with clearing the weeds and mowing to maintain a healthy lawn all through the fall.

Importance of Clearing Leaves from Your Lawn 

It Is a Matter of Lawn Health, Not Just Tidiness

If the leaves cover some parts of your lawn, it’s not a problem, but when they cover all your yard, its effect goes beyond the untidy look. When leaves cover the grass, they prevent adequate sunlight from reaching the grasses. By raking the leaves, the grass will receive more sunlight than the previous months because the trees are free of leaves that shade the ground. Similarly, shaded spots will receive adequate sunlight and nutrient to help prepare your lawn for winter.

The grass can also revitalize during this period after the hot summer temperature that caused the leaves to dry out, leading to their regular fall. Leaving the grasses on your lawn can lead to diseases spreading on your grass. Your grass is also susceptible to ice damage when it doesn’t receive adequate sunlight or air.

Deprives Cool Season Grasses of Sunlight

Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass renew and strengthen its root system during the fall once there’s enough sunlight, water and nutrients, and temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. Therefore, the failure to rake the leaves will deprive these turfs of sunlight by casting shadows over them.

How Fussy Must You be About Raking Leaves

You don’t have to rake up every bit of leaves on your lawn unless you’re fussy about maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn. If you’re planning on mowing, your mower can shred the remaining leaves. Some people clear weeds by running a mulching mower, the shredded leave that fell from the mower can serve as fertilizer. Besides keeping your lawn tidy, there are a lot of benefits to be had from keeping your yard free of leaves. It’ll expose your grass to adequate sunlight and other nutrients. Furthermore, it’ll spare your grass from the diseases associated with decaying leaves. If you’re too busy or detest doing yard work, consider contacting Eden, a professional landscaping service specializing in yard works, including grass cutting, leaves removal, and overall lawn maintenance. Our experts are always available to keep your lawn tidy and well-maintained.

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