The Pros and Cons of Flagstone

The stone which is cut and shaped iround, square or rectangular and used for walkways, flooring, patios, fences, roofing and paving slabs are known as the flagstones. These flagstones are used as headstones, facades, memorials and other kinds of constructions as well.

As we have understood about the flagstone and its uses, let us now delve into the pros and cons of the flagstone. So read on.

Pros of Installing a Flagstone

Flagstone is Durable

Flagstones are known to stay sturdy and intact for centuries provided no major accident has taken place and it is properly maintained. So yes they are definitely durable.

Flagstone Installation is Easy

There is no proper pattern or no proper procedure to install a flagstone. These stones can be cut in any shape and be installed one after the other in any order without worrying about the crannies and the nook, the edges and the smoothness of the flagstone. Anyone can get it done and still make it look amazing. So yes they are very easy to install.

Flagstone Can Withstand Extreme Climate

Temperatures and extreme climate do not have any role on the flagstone. They do not contract or expand or crack or chip off if with the changing and extreme weather. So yes, they sure can withstand extreme climates.

Flagstone Maintenance is Easy

Sweeping and spraying the flagstone is the only thing to be done under the name of maintenance and cleanliness of the flagstone. They keep looking beautiful as always. In case there is a deposition of sand, stains or molds, then they can be again easily removed with bleach mix and water. The best part is unlike tiles where one of them breaks and all needs to be removed and replaced, here if one flagstone cracks or breaks due to an accident, only the damaged one can be easily replaced without disturbing the others.

Cons of Installing a Flagstone

Well, there are hardly any drawbacks or cons of installing a flagstone and the benefits easily outweigh the cons in a huge amount.

  • The stones being heavy, the installation takes a little longer time although it’s very easy to install.
  • The flagstone can withstand the extreme climate, but they show the colors of the climate. For example the flagstone becomes hot in summers and cold in winters they are not immune to the temperature difference.
  • If you are planning to install the flagstone in the sand then there are chances that it will keep shifting and the sand beneath is not leveled and stable. But that is not the case with concrete.

Well, as you can see there are no cons or drawbacks as such of a flagstone, except the natural traits of it. So the pros are surely many in comparison with the negligible cons. They are cheaper and look beautiful too, so why not consider it?

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