Three Tips For Easy Snow Removal In Toronto

In Toronto, snow in winter is a fact of life. Although it may never be as severe as it
was in 1999, when the city called in the army, snowfall and blowing snow can create

However, people still have to go to work, show up to school, and attend to a
myriad of matters during the average day. While the city’s snowplows may clear
the row, there are still areas you need to see to personally – your driveway,
sidewalks, and related areas require snow removal.

Here are three tips for making snow removal easy. They are certain to improve the
way you handle the snow that falls and blows in the average Toronto Ontario

  1. Snow Type: If the snow is light, shovel it correctly. Be sure to bend your
    knees. Take breaks and listen to your body. For heavy and wet snow,
    consider using a snow blower. Alternatively, ask for help from a neighbor,
    hire a local youth, or call in a professional such as Eden.
  2. Equipment: Use the right equipment for the job and the snow type.
    Consider the following:
    a. A snow shovel should be lightweight but sturdy. They are available in
    different sizes, shapes, and types from many retail outlets, including
    hardware and farm equipment stores. Choose a suitable one from
    around 16 different types. Remember, it must meet the demands of
    the task as well as your own physical capabilities. While traditional
    snow shovels with their angled rib patterns are suitable for most
    individuals, the scoop type is designed for those who are capable of
    moving greater amounts of snow at once. Snow push shovels are also
    for those without back problems, who have greater arm strength and
    are not dealing with large amounts of heavy wet snow and ice.
    b. A snow blower should be capable of tackling heavy and wet snow. It
    must also be easy to handle. If using it causes strain, it is not the right
    tool for you. Be sure to take all necessary precautions when operating
    this machinery.
    c. A snowplow, attached to a truck or other vehicle, can also clear the
    driveway of any type of snow.

Snow Removal Services: If you find you do not have the time to keep your
sidewalks, driveway, or related areas clear of snow of any type, consider other
options. It is possible to hire a neighbour or a youth. It may also be in your best
interest to hire a professional. Some companies, such as Eden, allow you to arrange
for one-time snow removal or hire their services on a regular basis. At times it is
either too much of a physical burden, or challenging for a resident to do the snow
removal themselves. When that happens, using a third party service, such as
Edenapp, can help. We’re a touch of a button away on the Apple Store, Android, or visit edenapp.com to arrange for snow removal services.

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