Top 10 Ice Melters

In Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, snow creates havoc on the roads and sidewalks. Ice is another contributory factor to winter woes during the months from November to March or April. While a shovel, snow blower, or snow plow can eliminate the snow, what do you do about the ice? Ice melters, aka ice melts, are the answer.

The Top Ten Ice Melters

When it comes to melting ice and snow, salt is the best prescription possible. Many companies have come up with several different formulations to address the problem. Here are the best snow and ice melters you can buy as compiled from various sites in no particular preferential order:

  1. 96% Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets: This is a product manufactured by FDC. It melts snow three times faster at temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. It is also more expensive than several other brands.
  2. Snow Joe Professional Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets: This de-icer melts the ice on contact, working quickly on icy sidewalks and driveways with temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. There are also several other Snow Joe de-icer products available. They include Snow Joe MELT25EB, which is pet-friendly and safe for vegetative growth as well as Snow Joe MELT50CCP.
  1. Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter: Lengthy name, but it appears to be effective at quickly melting both ice and snow on contact to as low as -25 degrees F.
  2. Natural Rapport Pet-Safe Ice Melt: This product claims to be safe for children and pets. It also boasts containing biodegradable compounds that are supportive of the soil and, therefore, vegetation.

Safe Step Pro Magnesium Chloride: This product is excellent for melting ice at very low temperatures. It is not, however, like magnesium chloride products, completely safe for children and pets.

  1. Entry: Based on potassium formate, this is both a de-icer and it is excellent for providing pre- and post-treatment.  It is effective for temperatures as low as -63 degrees F. It is also considered safe for children, pets, and vegetation.
  1. Alaskan Premium Ice Melter: This very affordable ice melter is effective to -31 °C. It is not, however, safe for children or pets.
  2. Morton Safe-T-Pet: This ice melter is free from salts and other toxic elements. As such, it is excellent for keeping pets and children safe. It is even recommended by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  3. Clear Drive De-Icer: This all-natural, biodegradable melter melts ice fast and effectively. It acts as a preventive measure. It is also safe for pets, children, asphalt, and concrete.
  1. Redmond Ice Slicer: This all-natural option is safe for children and pets as well as concrete. It prevents re-icing for a minimum of three days.

These are all available online and from Ontario’s popular retailers e.g., Canadian Tire.

The Major Role of Ice Melt

Ice creates problems in urban areas such as Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. For property managers and homeowners, ice on sidewalks can result in a slip-and-fall accident. Ice melt reduces the potential for this liability issue. In order to keep sidewalks, driveways, and walkways safe for everyone, it is imperative to apply the right amount and type of snowmelt. The above are mere suggestions. Annually, new products replace others, providing the chance to remove dangerous ice hazards while reducing the negative environmental impact.

If you are not sure what product to use or how to apply it, contact the professionals. Snow removal companies can also divest you of the worry of selecting the wrong type of equipment for ice and snow removal. Friendly and easy to use third party services such as Eden App can help you differentiate between the good, the mediocre, and the plain ineffective. These options are available through Apple, Android, and edenapp.com.

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