Snow. It is not winter without it. Only a very few can ignore that blanket of white that can gently cover a lawn or engulf an entire doorway. Most of us have to get out into the world. To go from Point A to Point B, and to meet the snow removal bylaws, we have to somehow or other dispose of the snow. While a shovel is the cheapest method of snow removal in the short term, in terms of time, effort, and even physical well-being, it may be the most costly.

When that blizzard blows into Columbus, OH, or Cambridge, ON, it is no time to be a Luddite. You need to embrace the technology that makes snow removal easier. While not everyone can afford a smart snow plow robot or even a high-end personal snow plow, many can purchase a snowblower. As to what model or make? The list below provides some examples but, since everyone has his/her favorite, these top 10 snowblowers are not in any particular order.

Top Ten Gas and Electric Snowblowers

There is a vast array of snow blowers on today’s North American market. Whether you live in Canada or the United States, have a home or business in Toronto, ON, or Chicago, IL, you can do with the help of a snowblower. Here is a list of both electric and gas models in single and two-stage models at various prices to consider.

Snow Joe Snow Thrower: Snow Joe snowblowers always make the list of top 10 snowblowers. Generally, the iON 185B gets good reviews. It has a rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion battery. This cordless snow blower a path of ranges between 10 and 18 inches, throwing the snow around 25 feet in the direction you desire. These tend to be more expensive than some models but not as much as those offered by Briggs and Stratton.

Ariens Deluxe: This 2-stage gas snow blower can toss snow away by as much as 50 feet as it quickly and seemingly effortlessly slashes a 28-inch wide path through even the thickest snow. Easy to start, it is lauded for being tough, durable, and easy to start-up.

EGO Single-Stage Cordless Electric Snow Blower: Weather-resistant and electric, this heavy-duty steel snowblower features LED headlights as well as adjustable auger control over the distance the machine can toss the snow. The handle is easy to fold, and you can also redirect the chute without problems.

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower: This Company produces a number of high-quality snow blowers/throwers. A favorite is the 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 250cc gas engine and electric start. Its powerful engine easily allows it to cut a 27 inch-wide path through snow as deep as 20 inches. The machine is easy to start and to rotate. Briggs and Stratton models tend to be more expensive than many other snowblowers on the market.

MTD Gold 24″ Snow Blower: This two-stage snow blower is gas-powered. With a 208 cc OHV engine, it clears a 24-inch path, easily blowing away snow that lies 21 inches deep. The settings allow you to adjust for a variety of snow textures, including soft and hard. In addition, the entire experience is made easier through the addition of tires that increase traction in the snow – X-Trac tires.

Troy-Bilt Squall 2100: This electric start single-stage snow thrower is considered easy to start up and use. The powerful engine quickly and easily cuts a path 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep – although it works better when the snow is at 6 to 8 inches, tossing the snow 20 guided feet out of the way. Another popular snowblower by this company is the Troy-Bilt Storm. It is built to clear snow from larger areas.

Husqvarna ST224With a 208cc two-stage gas engine, this snowblower provides exactly the power you need to clear a path through snow measuring 24 inches wide. The electric start simplifies matters on a snowthrower that features easy maneuverability, heated handgrips, and a bright LED headlight to show you the way if it is dark.

Power Smart DB7651: This gas-powered, 2-stage snow blower has a 208cc engine and an electric start. With serrated steel augers, it has the capability to cut through heavier snow more quickly than some models can. To make things even more comfortable, the 4-way joystick has heated handgrips.

Poulan Pro PR270: This is a two-stage electric start snow blower. With a powerful engine and six different forward speeds (and one reverse), it attacks and removes snow from driveways and sidewalks with amazing ease. It can produce a 27-inch path as fast or slow as you desire while blowing the snow in the direction you wish it to go. It is perfect for large driveways servicing multiple vehicles.

Toro 38381Snow Blower: This machine can produce an 18-inch wide path in one pass. It works best where the snow is deep. The chute is adjustable. The controls easy to operate. The machine is also relatively lightweight.


Not everyone wants to or can operate a snowblower. Fortunately, many homeowners and businesses realize they have more than one option. While some may opt for a ride ‘em form of snow removal such as an ATV or UTV snowplow attached to their skid steer or lawn tractor, others decide to avoid the entire process of snow removal. They rely on a third-party snow removal service app, such as Edenapp. Using Android, Apple, or even edenapp.com, they discover the ease with which they can cast any worries or headaches snow removal may cause.

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