Top 9 Questions About Eden App

Here’s our top 9 most commonly asked questions about Eden App. 

Q1. Do I need a smartphone to use Eden? 

Yes! Eden App is a no-contract, lawn care and home snow removal service available on your smartphone, download it on iOS or Android. All billing and contractor contact occurs through the app itself. 

Q2. I want a quote… 

The minimum price for a contractor to come out to your home is $40 + tax. For lawn care, the contractor who accepts the job will have to come to your property in order to quote the job properly. You will then, get a chance to accept it. For snow removal, the price ranges from $40 to $100 based on how many cars fit in your driveway and if you select additional clearing. 

Q3. I want my front door walkway cleared as well… 

You can add-on front door walkway, stairs & front door landing and side door walkway to your order. If you want sidewalk clearing (part in front of your house where there is no driveway), please include this in the comments sections of the app after you choose your add-on clearing. 

Q4. I don’t have a driveway… 

You don’t need a driveway to use Eden. However, we do ask that you input a driveway type into the app. To do this, simply select “2 or less” for the question: how many cars fit in the driveway and “straight” for the type of driveway. This will not affect your quote for add-on clearing. If you want add-on clearing that is not listed, please use the comments section, this can include a parking pad or sidewalk. 

Q5. I have a commercial property… 

Sorry, we only do residential properties. 

Q6. I didn’t get a notification on if a contractor accepted my job… 

Your job is currently in the queue and available for a contractor to accept. Hang tight, you’ll be notified shortly when it’s accepted. 

Q7. What is your average service wait time? 

During snowfalls, the average time can be 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on contractor availability and location. 

Q8. I want to cancel my snow removal. 

Once your job is assigned to a contractor, you have 5 minutes to cancel by hitting cancel on the bottom left of your screen. Should you want to cancel after that, please message the contractor and email us immediately at [email protected]

Q9. I want to be an Eden Contractor. 

Sign up here: https://edenapp.com/contractors/ Have other questions? Let us know: email [email protected] 

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