Top Backyard DIY Project To Try This Summer: Water Fountains

Water Fountains are spectacular and eye catching garden features which can definitely elevate your backyard to oasis status. Not only is it visually appealing, it also creates a soothing sound that can cancel out neighborhood noise or traffic. There are a variety of fountains to choose from in various sizes and materials. Here are 3 types of backyard water fountains you can DIY:

Pot Fountain: The ceramic pot or flower pot fountain is extremely versatile and very easy to make as you can use any type of pot that you may have on hand or buy some at your local home store. Click here for quick and easy steps on how to make a ceramic pot fountain.

Rock Fountain: Rock fountains are beautiful creations that represent relaxation and zen vibes. They are generally simple to build, inexpensive, and can be a perfect daylong project to complete during the weekend, (instead of mowing the lawn or doing yard work)! Click here for 6 steps to building your own rock fountain.

Waterfalls: Backyard waterfalls are beautiful creations and can be built in less than a day. It’s simple to build, cheap, and can be easily customized to fit in with your backyard. Click here to see how to build a small garden waterfall in a couple of easy steps!

Want to spend your weekend building a beautiful backyard water fountain? Go for it! Let us take care of that boring yard work for you. Book Eden.

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