Top Five Pick-Up Trucks For Serious Plowing

If you want to do some serious plowing, you need a vehicle that can perform well in all types of snow. Since most people who want to plow commercially cannot afford the large snow plow trucks, they turn to the next best option. These are heavy-duty pick-up trucks. They know they need a truck that meets certain criteria:

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·Be able to carry a significant load out front – many plows required for commercial work can be as large as 10 feet wide and can weigh close to 1,00 pounds maximum.

· Be capable of manoeuvring through the snow, around any obstacles, etc. fluidly and easily while carrying a snow plow

· Have the necessary type of alternator required for delivering the correct amount of electricity to a hydraulic pump

· Come with a reliable, tough, durable and suitably powerful transmission

· Four-wheel drive is also a bonus

This narrows the field of pick-up trucks to a few. Below is a list of the top five so-called “heavy-duty” pick-up trucks suitable for serious snow removal.

Heavy-duty trucks are the best options for heavy-duty snow removal. They are usually characterized by increased weight over their lighter cousins. Their transmissions are more durable, and they can readily carry and push the extra load of snow plows for pickups. Trucks that are favourites for commercial snow removal operations include the following:

· Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 or 5500: Coming with the option of a factory-installed snow plow preparation kit, the Ram fits the bill for commercial plowing in so many ways.

· Ford F-250 or 350: No list of heavy-duty (HD) trucks is ever complete without a Ford. These trucks are, as the Ford mantra goes, “Built to last.” Ford offers a Snow Prep Package with certain models.

· Chevy Silverado 2500 or 4500: When it comes to Chevys, the most popular truck remains the Silverado. It incorporates new technologies to make it safe and durable. It is great for towing and plowing. It is possible to obtain a Snow Prep Package for a number of Chevrolet trucks.

· Toyota Tundra: The Toyota Tundra is a rugged truck. It is also one capable of a variety of functions performed by more popular and traditional trucks. It does not come with a Snow Prep Package, but this is easily rectified. SnowDogg, Boss, and Fisher plows are readily available and are generally suitable if attention is paid to such details as weight and size.

· Nissan Titan XD: Though never as big a seller as Ford or Ram, the Nissan Titan has much to offer. The choice is between gas and diesel engines and a selection of 3 cab types, but all come with a solid chassis, great suspension with HD front springs. A Snow Plow Package is available for many models. It can be used in conjunction with any number of commonly available plows, including can be configured with any SnowEx, Boss, Meyer, Fisher, or Western.

Other HD trucks on the market can handle snow plows. The above, however, are considered the favourites in both Canada and the United States for commercial snow removal. Snow plow contractors combine their expertise and equipment to ensure they provide the best service experience possible. To discover what snow removal service is appropriate for your own needs, use a third-party service such as Edenapp. It is readily available through Apple, Android, and edenapp.com.

If you don’t want to shovel the snow yourself don’t worry our trusty snowplow operator will clear your driveway! EDEN is just a Call away.

If you don’t want to shovel the snow yourself don’t worry our trusty snowplow operator will clear your driveway! EDEN is just a Call away.