Top Salters (Gas And Electric) On the Market

While some people simply take a cup or bucket and scatter the salt by hand on their driveway or sidewalk, this is certainly not the most efficient or even effective way of doing so. The most efficient and convenient way of doing so is by using a salter, Often known as a spreader, these devices are a great way of ensuring the surface of your lawn, driveway or even road receives the optimum amount of salt.

Types of Salters

Essentially, there are two basic types of salters. These are manual and motorized. The former are hand-pushed. Salt is poured into the opening. Operators then push them across the surface of the ice and the salt is discharged along the way

As is the case with any type of equipment, some makes and models are better than others are, depending upon the purpose, surface covered, etc. What may provide effective ice coverage for a small driveway in Cambridge ON, may be totally useless for a larger surface in Milwaukee WI. For many of these properties, the best coverage is only possible by using a motorized salter.

Motorized salters are available in two basic types. These are:


*Gas engine

Both are frequently attached in some fashion to a pick-up truck. Within these two categories, the average resident and even small commercial business would elect to have either a tailgate or an in-bed salter/spreader.

Top Models

Companies and individuals are bound to have their favorite salter. For those who want to see if theirs made the list or simply want to explore the possibilities, this list is for you.

SaltDogg SHPE2000This electric salt spreader has everything anyone could need. It is efficient in spreading salt, almost jam-resistant, and is simple to operate. Solid but light in its construction, this SaltDogg product also features knobby tires that allow it to maneuver easily on different types of surfaces.

Meyer Base Line Tailgate Salt Spreader: This salter is available in diverse sizes and is suitable for both home and commercial use. It features a durable carbon steel frame and is easy to attach to most tailgates easily. It is suited to working attached to light pick-up trucks as well as SUVs, utility vehicles, and even tractors.

Meyer BL-800 Insert Spreader: Whether you choose BL-800 or BL-600, you have choices. These include either a gas engine by either Briggs & Stratton or Honda or dual-electric 12-volt motor. The hopper is able to fit into either short or long-bed pick-ups. The hoppers for both models, though different sizes are composed of 16-gauge stainless steel.

SnowEx T SnowEx SP-575X Pro Salt Spreader:  This rugged, electric tailgate salt spreader is easy to fit onto utility vehicles of various types as well as both 1 and 2-ton pick-up trucks. The hopper is corrosion-resistant and best suited for residential and small-commercial salt spreading.

SaltDogg TGSUV1B: The 12V electric motor is one component of a simple, compact, but efficient design. Although the hopper is constructed from polyethylene it resides within a powder-coated rugged steel frame. Salt coverage is a maximum of 14 feet.

SaltDogg TGSUV1B

SaltDogg TGSUVPROA: This salter is excellent for those who have never operated one before. Designed rugged but with easy attachment and removal in mind, this electric model offers variable spread control to ensure more even and appropriate salting.


SaltDogg SHPE0750: This is a well-constructed commercial salt spreader. It may sit in the back of a 1/2-ton or 3/4-ton truck but, it also comes with forklift slots. This makes it easier to attach to many utility vehicles. Some consider this to be one of the best commercial salters on the market.

Salters: Keeping Sidewalks, Driveways and Roads Safe

If you live in a place where snow and ice are traditional during the winter months, you may need a salter. A salter helps prevent slips-and-falls while spreading the salt where it should be. Salters help restrict salt, and other ice melts from landing where they are not intended. They also cut down on time and energy while ensuring a more even coverage of the ice-coated surface.

While push salters are useful, sometimes only a gas or electric one is capable of addressing the ice coverage on your property. While choosing the right model may be difficult, the list above at least provides you with several options from which to choose. If you want to know what the professionals are using, visit their online sites, or use a third-party app such as Edenapp to find out. They are available by visiting Apple, Android, and Edenapp.com.

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