Top Study-Friendly Coffee Shops In Toronto ON

Whether you are a university or college school student living in Toronto ON, sometimes studying at the library is counterproductive. While many public and university libraries now allow you to bring in food and drink with some even having their own coffee shop, there are times; a student wants to escape. Libraries can be too quiet or too noisy or just too hindering to the entire process of studying. This is when a student-friendly coffee shop can help.

Top Student-Friendly Coffee Shops: The List

Good coffee, friendly atmosphere, and free Wi-Fi are all part of what makes a coffee shop student-friendly. The following all satisfy the bill.

· Arvo Coffee:Located in the Distillery District, this café tries to make specialty coffee more accessible. Try a rainbow latte or sample their unique offerings from their Toast Bar in this warmly decorated and designed coffee bar.

· The Common: Located in the Annex, not too far from the John P. Robarts Library and the University of Toronto, this small, brightly lit coffee shop offers great coffee, including espresso as well as a few snacks.

· The Dark Horse Espresso Bar: If you live in the dorms near George Brown College, this coffee shop offers you the chance to break away from studying in your room. It is cozy and casual with excellent coffee and fresh-baked savory and sweet pastries.

· Plaxton Coffee: If you love greenery and books, consider this café. With WiFi, great coffee, and hearty sandwiches available made with Adamson Barbecue meats or light quiche, and delicious pies, cookies, and squares from Adamson Bakery, it is easy to get into the studying mood.

· The Porch Light:  Located in The Beaches portion of Toronto ON, this café offers plenty of seating and outlets. Coffee and teas are readily available, as are light snacks, including salads, sandwiches, and soups. Daytime is best as at night; it transforms into a quiet bar.

· Sumach Espresso:Located in Regent Park, this café has feature students and, in fact, anyone with a device requires – plenty of electrical outlets. It is unpretentious, the music is enjoyable, but pure background and the coffee with beans supplied by Rufino Classic Gourmet is hot and study-inducing. If coffee is not what you need to help you study, the café also offers tea supplied by the Metropolitan Tea Company. To further fuel your drive, or distract you, is the café’s supply of luscious treats including in-house bakes brownies.

· The Tampered Press: Forget minimalist or trendy and opt for homey. This describes the mismatched furniture. With plenty of natural light to infuse the place, it is easy to see why it is popular. This is in addition to the Concord coffee and organically baked treats.

· Wallace Espresso Westmount: This minimalist coffee shop is part of an indie chain. Breakfast sandwiches are available as well as pastries sourced

· Zav Coffee Shop & Gallery: As the name indicates, this coffee shop also serves as an art gallery.  Overall, this is a relaxed space where you can clear your mind to study while having a Pilot coffee and any of the café’s home-baked treats.

Sip Coffee, Relax and Study

Studying requires concentration. It is important to focus on what needs to be done. However, this does not mean you have to remain in your room or in a library. Both can be stultifying. Sometimes, it is essential to go study in comfortable, stimulating, homey, or upbeat environments. In Toronto, ON, there is a café to suit every student’s needs and then some.