Top Ten Landscape Bloggers

Having access to information on landscaping your property or someone else’s can be very helpful. It can provide you with what you or your landscaping company need to create the ideal landscape or handle a specific issue afflicting the process or piece of land. While such information was once solely confined to magazines, with an occasional seasonal article in local newspapers, now anyone can access it by going online. The net is afire with a vast variety of landscape bloggers. Below is a shortlist of what we consider the top ten.

Today’s Top Ten Landscape Bloggers/Blogs

To be frank, the field of landscaping bloggers is prolific and exciting. Whatever topic you wish to learn more about, you can find it easily. While some bloggers specialize in specific aspects of landscaping, others are generalists. This list contains landscape bloggers that fall into both categories.

1. Avant Gardening & Landscaping: If you are interested in creating a sustainable landscape, this is the blogger to check out. They provide design ideas as well as information about what plants are suitable and what bugs and critters are good for your garden

2. A Way To Garden: This site focuses on gardening and, along the way, provides tips and information on virtually any kind of plants, including annuals, perennials and bulbs, shrubs, and trees. It helps you plan vegetable and other edible gardens while offering suggestions and information pruning willows and strengthening garden design.

3. Backyard Landscape Ideas: The focus of this particular blog and blogger is the backyard and how to landscape it. Some of the topics covered include solar lights, raised patio beds, and edging ideas.

4. Atlanta Landscape Co.This award-winning company offers the best landscaping ​design & lawn maintenance services. Atlanta serves excellent outdoor landscape design and helps you create a greener and thicker lawn.  By providing experienced contractors and architects for various services like irrigation systems, tree removal, and patios, it becomes the most favorable service for Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Cobb County, Morgan County, and Fulton County.

5. Designing Eden: With a name like this, expectations are high. The blogs do deliver a nice cross-section of information designed to help landscapers of all types. There are articles on planting a tree and avoiding common landscape design mistakes.

6. Dirt Simple: This is the product of blogger Deborah Silver, a landscape and garden designer. Her posts cover a range of topics, including garden design e.g., “The Landscape Finish,” as well as advantageous container planting and much more. Her luscious photos illustrate the best designs possible.

7. The Garden Continuum: This site features blogs by Monique Allen, who refers to her work as lifescaping and not landscaping. It provides an interesting perspective and concrete advice for a wide section of landscape companies and gardeners.

8. Garden RantThis site features a series of bloggers. As a result, you get information on a variety of topics from television programs e.g., Monty Don’s three-part “American Gardens,” as well as articles on prison gardens and climate change.

9. Neave Landscaping: Located in Wappingers Falls, NY, this landscape company focuses on a variety of “outdoor solutions.” The blog looks at a variety of topics, including invasive plants, pools, irrigation, design trends, lawn trends, and recognizing and treating plant diseases.

10. Unique Companies Landscaping and Pool Builders: This company operates out of Phoenix, AZ. The photography for their blogs is eye-catching. The tips they provide are helpful, particularly if your interest lies with swimming pools and spas. Yet, they do provide useful information on such aspects as the Monarch Butterfly and caring during the winter for the Arizona landscape.

Blogs can help you with almost any aspect of landscaping. They may provide information on starting a landscaping company or offer information on the latest landscape designs. They are written by avid amateur gardeners and professional landscape architects. They post their blogs from the United States and around the globe. It does not matter whether you are just starting on your journey to creating the ideal landscape or whether you run a commercial landscaping company, there is a blog out there, somewhere on the internet, that provides you with the information that can help you achieve your goal.