Toronto Raptors Winning Streak And This Year‘s Warm Weather


The Toronto Raptors surprised almost everyone by winning the NBA championship in 2019. Although a team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, their ability to fight long and hard against their opponents won the respect and even love of an entire nation. In the playoffs, Canadians set aside whatever they were doing to watch the game. They cheered them on as the Raptors continued to beat the odds.

Although the win was a team effort, most sports professionals felt the result was due to the galvanizing effect of Kahwi Leonard. Time-and-again, he proved why he was in a class of its own. However, in spite of the best Toronto could offer him, Leonard returned to the United States. He had family in California, and no one could blame him for choosing the Los Angeles Clippers over the Toronto Raptors.

At this time, no one was certain how the Raptors would perform. Could they repeat their 2018/2019 performance? Some were nay-sayers. They thought the team would fail to rise up to championship caliber playing. Supporters, including super-fan, did not. They had faith in the ability of the team to continue to rise to whatever occasion.

They started slow this season. They stumbled at times but held on to 4th place in the Eastern Conference. This all changed when on January 4th, 2020, they began a winning streak that would break all records for their franchise. In fact, it broke the record for any Canadian professional sport franchise. It lasted until February 12, when they lost game 16 to the Brooklyn Nets. This pushed them closer to the top of their conference, and more people became excited about basketball.

Warm Weather and Basketball

While the Raptors play indoors on and off season, aspiring basketball players hit the outdoor courts as soon as the weather permits it. Children and youth across Canada, and many states are longing for the days when they can go outside and shoot a few hoops. While some do so in winter, in Toronto, Ottawa, and Guelph Ontario, this is not an easy thing to do when burdened with the extra clothing – gloves, scarves, and snow pants, that are part of winter attire for those really cold days. Is it any wonder the arrival of warm weather lifts up the spirits of basketball players?

This year, the forecast concerning the arrival of warm weather is debated. The Farmers Almanac, which has been famously wrong for this winter in Canada, is predicting a long, hot summer. However, other sources are indicating it will be a normal summer. This refers to a summer where the weather is warm but never uncomfortably hot for extended periods of time. For example, AccuWeather consistently places the predictions for the warming months of May and June for Toronto, Ontario, as slightly below the historic average. Environment Canada does not differ greatly in its findings. It predicts a normal to slightly above normal temperatures for such places as Toronto, Guelph, and Ottawa, Ontario.

Rain is also predicted to be a major component of the warm weather. According to The Farmers’ Almanac, many summer months are going to be wet across the Canadian provinces. The only real exception are the Maritimes.

Plentiful rainfall does not provide the best conditions for outdoor basketball games but is ideal for landscape plans. Too dry conditions affect the water table and ensure watering restrictions. The result is careful reconsideration of all plantings. In drought affected regions, adopt local and low maintenance plantings. In those impacted by heavier rainfall, consider plants that weather such conditions well. Overall, talk to experts in the field of lawn care services and garden maintenance. Use a third- party service such as Edenapp, available through Apple Store, Android, or edenapp.com.

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