Ugly Yards Causing Drop in Housing Sales

It’s really no secret in 2017 that millennials owning a home is changing from a plan to a dream, real quick. With the constant upward battle against housing prices, and endless supply of work fields being replaced by technology, it’s really no wonder that Generation Y is struggling to ever own property. However, what if I told you that the incline in housing prices versus millennial salaries is not the main cause of the issue?

In 2017, the housing market saw a massive decline in homes being sold. To be specific, it dropped by a whopping 37%. So, as I’m sure you’re wondering, why aren’t homes selling? Is it the cost? Is it the lack of financial stability of this generation? To put it bluntly, no. The issue stems from lawn care. Well, to be specific, lack there of.

A recent study conducted at the University of Springfield, showed a striking correlation between the lack of homes sold and the lack of proper lawn care. Based on the findings from the team of data analysts, the neighbourhoods with poor lawn care and maintenance had a substantially lower rate of sale than those with. Could this indicate that a change in landscaping can help to regrow our housing economy? Let’s look at the facts.

To begin with, the major factors in the lack of proper lawn care is the lack of willingness and the severe inability. However, with new-age smartphone apps such as Eden, offering on-demand lawn care, gardening and property maintenance, it leaves no excuse for overgrown yards and unkempt lawns. Which really has to leave us with nothing but questions about the future of our next generations. Real estate expert, Michael Keele, states that, “The total and udder lack of ability for millennials do their own lawn care is playing such a major role in the future of our housing market. Until people start passing the man work to a professional, we are looking a serious economic risk.”

Some experts even believe that without more people integrating on-demand lawn care apps into their home ownership, we could see those number plummet even further. On the macro scale of the effects, a major drop in housing sales can potentially give us a major 180 on supply and demand. While experts were once concerned that extremely high housing prices were preventing home ownership, we are now faced with the reverse problem. With too many unsold homes hitting the market, and nobody swooping them up, we are left with financial slumps, loss in equity and even more home abandonment than we have ever seen in previous decades.

So, without the acknowledgement across that grid that proper lawn care needs to be a priority, where does that leave our economic future? In the weeds, so the speak. The key is to assess the issue, acknowledge the problem and call in the professionals as soon as possible. Not only can futuristic on-demand lawn care apps help to save your own financial liabilities as a home owner, it can also help protect the future of our housing market and economic stability.

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