Understanding the Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Landscape design refers to the tools and guidelines that landscape designers use to create attractive, colorful, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Whether you’re trying to showcase your creative prowess or trying to come up with style ideas to customize your landscape, these principles are essential to your landscape design and will ensure that the elements in your design are well balanced and blended, resulting in an eye-popping landscape.

The basic principles of landscaping include proportion, balance, contrast and harmony, color, and repetition. Let’s examine these principles one after the other.


Here proportion implies the size of an object in relation to other objects in the yard. The proportion between the plants and the hardscapes should be duly considered. Proportion is the apparent design among all the others, but it still needs some planning and careful consideration. All the elements in landscape design should have the right proportion.


Balance here implies a sense of equality. There’s symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and we shed light on these two below.

Symmetrical Balance

The two sides of the landscape are identical here.

Asymmetrical Balance

Here, the landscape composition is balanced using diverse elements and objects with nearly identical imaginary weight.

Contrast and Harmony

While contrasts point out some significant style elements in your design, harmony offers a unified look. When placed side by side, contrasting elements tend to draw viewers’ attention. Contrast and harmony are achieved by placing complementary colors beside each other.


Colors help give your landscape design vibrancy. Warm colors like red and orange make your landscape pop and seem to beckon on you, making an object appear closer. Blue and green colors seem to move away from you and are used to create perspective.


It’d be best if you create familiar patterns and sequences in the landscape, and this is where repetition comes in. Landscape design elements or specific features of it can be repeated throughout your yard. Too many objects that are unrelated to other designs can make your landscape design appear unplanned and cluttered. But try not to overuse an element as it’ll make the overall look seem monotonous and uninteresting.Unleash your creativity by using these principles to design your landscape. Consider utilizing colors, contrasts, and lines to help influence your landscape design. Contact Eden Services if you desire a landscape design that’ll make your neighbors green with envy. With a team of experts who know how to incorporate beautiful designs to any landscape size, you can be rest assured of eye-popping results.