Walkway Clearing Services: Snow Removal Made Simple In Burlington

Burlington, Ontario, has a population of approximately 183,000. Maclean’s Magazine ranked it as the nation’s best community for 2019. It is also considered the country’s best places to raise a family. According to the rankings, Burlington was in the top 25 percentile in 6 out of the 10 categories the magazine used to measure all the communities. According to Maclean’s, Toronto was next, followed by Grimsby and Ottawa, Ontario. In fact, the top five categories were held by Ontario cities, the final two being Oakville and Tecumseth.

The Attractions of Burlington

Burlington is known for its amenities, as well as its low crime rate and sense of culture and community. Attractions such as

  • Architecture: Although often considered a suburb of Hamilton Ontario, Burlington does have many historic structures. Still standing is the hotel-tavern Zimmerman House (1860), the Knox Presbyterian Church (1845), L’Eglise St Philippe Church (1875) and several homes/mansions in diverse Victorian styles
  • The Art Gallery of Burlington: It is Ontario’s seventh-largest public gallery. It is renowned for having the largest collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics.  

  • Brant Street Pier: This S-shaped pier that extends outwards into Lake Ontario for some 137 meters. People enjoy the view of both the lake and the shoreline stretching from Burlington towards Toronto and Hamilton. The pier boasts fabulous views of the lake and Burlington’s shoreline.

  • Mount Nemo Conservation Area: People go here for hiking the trails, but the real draw is the opportunity it provides for rock climbing.
  • Bruce Trail: This passes through Burlington. You can hike this section or follow it as it heads toward Niagara or upwards to Tobermory.

However, perhaps one of the best-known attractions for this city – as well as Hamilton, is the Royal Botanical Gardens with its profusion of flora, special exhibits. Even during the winter, when snow removal using shovels, snow blowers and snowplows as well as hibernating are on the mind of every citizen, the Royal Botanical Gardens offers entertaining options.


In Burlington, the summers are comfortable with a breeze coming in off the Lake. However, that same breeze turns frigid come winter with lake-effect winds producing sufficient snow to make the sounds of snow shovels and snowplows a constant.  Snow removal remains challenging for the city and its residents alike. Record snowfalls have hit the city in November 2019. The annual amount for 2019 has so far exceeded that of 2018.

Walkway Clearing Services: Fast and Easy Snow Removal

The city of Burlington, Ontario, does take responsibility for snow removal for its streets and sidewalks. However, it may not provide walkway clearing services as quickly as you need it. Major streets and businesses are the primary targets of any city’s snow removal plan. If you need such services quicker than the city can provide them, you can access a reliable option. Just as Burlington has an app to address various questions on its services, so too do many snow removal companies. You can check out the possibilities by using a third-party service e.g., Edenapp. Available from both Apple and Android, as well as at edenapp.com, you can discover how snow removal made simple is only a click away.