What are the Best Landscaping Rocks for Your Project?

While trying to create a beautiful landscape, you don’t have to depend on plants alone. Using landscaping rocks on your yard design can conserve water and cut down on maintenance. It can also improve and make your property unique while increasing its value.

Here, we’ve outlined the best rocks for your landscaping design.  

Landscaping Using Rocks

Explore the functionality of landscape rocks such as flagstone, which you can use in designing the way to your garden or hot tub. You can also incorporate the use of river rocks and bricks to accentuate your flower beds. Use them to create a wall around your yard or a path leading to the gazebo. Consider using shiny pebbles to design your Zen garden or use bricks to line up the sidewalk to your front door.

Rocks as Ground Covers

Building a rock garden is a sure way to save money, time, and energy from landscaping because there’s no grass to mow, water, or fertilize. A rock garden often features cactus and shrubs and is porous enough to allow rain to penetrate the earth.

With landscaping rocks, you don’t need to worry about erosion and runoff. Some varieties work best for ground cover. Read on to discover them.

Lava Rocks

This rock is trendy among homeowners because it’s a good replacement for mulch. The lava rocks are always misshapen, rough, and red in appearance but a bit costly. 

Pea Gravel

Mother Nature has already polished this tiny rock, and its best for filling small crevice and flower beds. The cost of pea gravel is usually about $35 per cubic yard and more if it’s a colored variant.

River Rocks

This rock type is smoother and more polished than the pea gravel. Besides using them to fill in around shrubs, consider stacking them, building a retaining wall, use them to edge your garden bed, or fill up some space in your yard. Although river rocks are ideal for many landscaping purposes, they’re often pricey.

Rocks as Pavers

Landscaping rocks used in paving projects are usually smoother. Keep reading to discover the best stone for your walkway or patio.


This stone comes in a range of colors. It’s durable and absorbs water rather than allowing it to run off. It’s famous for patios and pathways. Consider adding some greenery between the stones to improve overall aesthetics.

How to Use These Landscaping Rocks in Creative Ways

Landscaping lets you unleash your creativity by letting your imagination run wild. It’d be best to build natural streams or ponds through the landscape or create a retaining wall using plants and a combination of different rock styles.

It’s not hard landscaping with rocks. You only need to find the perfect stone for your landscaping project, depending on your preference. You can also engage the services of a landscape professional to give your yard a facelift. Whether you’re afraid of starting or feel your project isn’t going as desired, our experts are always available for help.

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