What Are the Different Types of Garden Shovels?

There are several types of shovels used in the garden. Most times, people only have a particular image of a garden shovel for garden edging. Other times, some people assume one shovel can serve all purposes. No matter the group you fall in, there’s no best garden shovel. All types have their peculiarity and importance. Read on to discover the various types of garden shovels.

What Are Garden Shovels?

Garden shovels are not only helpful in digging holes in the soil but are also handy for moving snow, dirt, and other loose materials in the garden. Garden shovels have a flat edge with slightly concave blades and help edge lawns, cut through sods, or mark a trench.

What Are the Different Types of Garden Shovel?

Besides having other gardening devices like knee pads, sun hats, and gardening gloves, a gardener should have a minimum of one shovel in her tool shed. More importantly, consider getting different ones. It’d be quite helpful for your gardening task. Here are a few types of gardening shovels and why we recommend them. 

Trowels – The most famous gardening shovel

The trowel is perhaps the most famous of the gardening shovel and is small and suitable for uprooting a vegetable or flower and transferring to another spot. These tools usually come with pointed tips and easily fit into the hands because of their size, allowing the gardener to get close to the dirt.

Edgers – The flat bedded

These flat-bladed shaped tools are useful for cutting through plants, offshoots, and roots to clear up space for a new plant. Edgers are perfect for creating straight edges along a row. 

Diggers – The digging garden shovel

A digging shovel is also one of the most popular gardening shovels. They have a sharper tip suitable for digging with a centered handle. Some types come with serrated edges to make cutting more manageable, primarily through the soil.

Trenchers – The narrow blade

Used for making trenches, trenchers come with a narrow blade and are long-handled. Therefore, it’s very suitable and helpful in cutting channels for irrigation. Because of its pointed tip, gardeners can use it to dig deep into the ground, but the flat sides of the blade helps you keep the trenches’ wall neat and nice.

Drainers– Curved edges

These tools with curved edges are suitable for clearing out trenches. Drainers are constructed that way to move what’s in the canals without disturbing its walls. Additionally, they can also be used for transplanting. Furthermore, they’re long-handled, making it easier to dig deeper and remove plants with long roots for transplanting.

How to Choose the Best Garden Shovel

When choosing a shovel, there are some features to look out for, including the handle. Selecting an ergonomic handle will enable the gardener to work longer without feeling pains and aches associated with gardening.

Look for a rubberized cushion grip shovel to prevent slips and slides due to moisture or sweat. Similarly, choose a shovel made with durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel to avoid quick rusting, also ensure the paint makes it rust-resistant. Finally, check for the warranty to avoid spending money on something that’ll quickly spoil.

Choosing the best garden shovel all comes down to the material used, your plan in buying it, and its performance. Hopefully, you’ve gotten an idea of the ones you need for your garden now.