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What Are the Different Types of Lawn Sprinklers?

Watering is essential to every lawn. Both small and big yards can benefit from using a sprinkler. Using above-ground sprinklers has several advantages, and they usually come in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, they can be used in various forms, making them ideal for short-term and long-term uses. Above-ground sprinklers can be kept in areas not easily reached by using an inground sprinkler system. Inground systems are very dependable, simple to use, and convenient for seasonal uses. Besides your regular lawn maintenance, having a good lawn sprinkler ensures your lawn maintains its lush green look. Below are some of the sprinkler types and their benefits.

What Are Sprinkler Systems?

A sprinkler system is a device for watering lawns, landscapes, and similar green spaces. Sprinkler watering is a strategy for applying water in a regulated manner to ensure even distribution on the surface using a network of pipes, spray heads, pumps, and valves.

What Are the Different Types of Lawn Sprinklers?

There are several lawn sprinkler options to choose from, although your selection might be dependent on some factors like the water supply option, budget constraints, and your yard’s soil. The following are some of the sprinkler types. 

Inground Sprinkler Systems

This type of sprinkler system is an inground watering source piped from your property’s water supply and set to a system allowing you control over when you water, how much, and where. Each inground sprinkler system is slightly different from others, and there’s room for changing the sprinkler head to suit your lawn’s shape and size.

Stationary Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler has different spray heads providing various spray patterns to areas that require watering. Stationary sprinklers are usually inexpensive and irrigate only their surrounding area. As such, they’re ideal for small lawns. If you desire to use it in larger yards, you’ll have to move it from one place to another to water effectively.

Traveling Sprinklers

This sprinkler type is driven on wheels powered by water moving through them while directing the hose to areas that require watering. Traveling sprinklers are suitable for large lawns needing regular watering on its entire surface. Once you set it up, it’ll run to the end of the track without your help.

Impact Sprinklers

With a simple adjustment to the spray head, you can rotate this sprinkler type to cover a large area or a small pie-shaped area. Impact sprinklers are ideal for watering shrubbery, trees, and lawns. However, they’re not suitable for flower beds since their powerful water stream can damage delicate flowers or foliage.

Misting Sprinklers

As they supply smaller volumes of water over smaller regions, they are also referred to as micro-sprinklers. They’re great for flora like flower beds that require more precise and delicate watering routines. This sort of sprinkler emits a tiny amount of water each hour and is useful in locations where the soil is compacted. Misting sprinklers do not require a lot of water pressure to work, therefore they can be used in homes with low water pressure.

Sprinkler Hose

It may be argued that these aren’t exactly sprinkler systems. They’re a mix of sprinklers and hoses. Sprinkler heads are connected to hoses and sprayed around the lawn in this area. They can be manually operated or positioned at an angle to cover a small area. These lawn sprinklers don’t have a lot of pressure, so they only spray a small area and are perfect for watering tiny pots or flower beds. You can also use these sprinkler system in weed control. You can put fertilizer, herbicide into the sprinkler hose and sprinkle it on the plants.

Consider These Factors Before Choosing a Sprinkler Type

Size of your garden: The size of your garden is an important issue to consider because it has a major impact on the sprinkler type you choose. If you need to water a vast area, you’ll need a sprinkler that can spray a longer distance. This will help you save money by avoiding the cost of installing many sprinklers. You can get away with utilizing a sprinkler with a shorter reach on a smaller piece of land. Make sure you don’t install your sprinkler in such a way that it can destroy small plants as houseplant care is also important.

Water pressure on your property: This may seem insignificant, but it has a significant impact on whatever sprinkler you choose to put afterwards. You can afford to install additional types of sprinklers if your property has a high water pressure. With low pressure area, your options narrow. Don’t be discouraged if your home’s water pressure is low. Here’s how to get more water pressure out of your garden hose.

Do you have square land or property with curved boundaries on your lawn? This information will assist you in selecting the right sprinkler type for your plants needs. If you want to save water or have regions around your lawn that shouldn’t be sprayed, you’ll need to match the design of your property to the ideal sprinkler type. There can be different sprinklers for square, circular and rectangular gardens so that it will enhance the beauty of your lawn. According to the design

The sprinkler’s appearance: Consider how you want your sprinklers to appear. Would you mind if sprinkler heads were visible above ground? Otherwise, you’ll have to install underground sprinklers that are scarcely visible from above. The design of the sprinkler must match with your landscape design in your backyard. The angle of your sprinkler can be located at the curve of the lawn or it can wary according to the lawn architecture. You can also install sprinkler in kitchen garden or in your agriculture area. There are some sprinklers which looks good but they are not durable. Make sure that your sprinklers are durable.

Sprinklers, automatic or manual: If your are very busy or you have child at home so you can install automatic sprinklers at your place. Automatic sprinklers can be installed and timed to water your grass whenever you want. With the help of timer you can schedule the water timing. You can water your lawn before you even get out of bed or while you’re on vacation, Automatic sprinklers are quick problem solving solution for your garden. Manual sprinklers, on the other hand, have no timers and require you to be present to operate them. 

Why Should You Choose a Lawn Sprinkler?

Getting a crucial product for your lawn that is sprinkler system is very important unless you want to spend time everyday watering your garden beds and lawns by hand. If you live in a dry climate area, consider buying a sprinkler system to keep your turfs healthy. Furthermore, if you live in areas with limited snowfall, you can use an above-ground system to water your lawn during the winter months. Sprinkler systems are getting very common in market as people are being aware about it and yet it is very important for your lawn. There are getting very positive reviews of sprinkler form various people as it is very important agricultural tool now.

Understanding how each sprinkler system works before choosing one is best. When looking for a sprinkler system to buy, consider if it can work for both existing garden beds and grass and a new lawn. Each of the sprinkler system already mentioned has unique features that distinguish them. There are different sprinklers for different soil type. You only need to select one and worry less about watering. If you want more information regarding lawn care you can contact us. We have all risk management techniques which can beautify your lawn’s design. You don’t need to put your foot in muds, we can do it for you. We have proper business model guide that can help you to maintain your lawn. Follow our guide for best results.